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Trial of Frank James in a Missouri newspaper...

Item #620976

August 21, 1883


* Outlaw Frank James

* Jesse James gang

* Gallatin, Missouri trial

The top of the front page has column heads: "FRANK JAMES" "The Missouri Bandit Appears in Court at Gallatin" "The Trial Adjourned Until To-Morrow--Mrs. Hite on Hand--Great Interest in the Proceedings" Note that Mrs. Hite was the wife of outlaw &... See More  

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Frank and Jesse James...

Item #620938

April 25, 1882

THE MISSOURI REPUBLICAN, St. Louis, April 25, 1882  Page 2 has half a column of text headed: "Frank Or A Fraud" "Brother of the Dead Bandit at Kansas City" "Sensational Stores of Frank James at St. Joe and Vicinity" "One of the Texas Train Robbers Said to Have Been Captured" " "Frank James Again" "Bagging the Train Robbers" and ... See More  

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Murder trial of bandit Frank James...

Item #620248

August 29, 1883

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, Aug. 29, 1883 

* Outlaw Frank James

* Jesse James gang

* Gallatin, Missouri trial

The top of the ftpg. has column heads: "In The Last Ditch" "A Dark Day for the Defense in the Trial at Gallatin" "Liddell's Testimony Corroborated by Unimpeachable Witnesses" "Statement of the Blacksmith Who Shod the Bandit's ... See More  

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Is Jesse James dead?

Item #616048

January 03, 1880


* Jesse James killed ?

* Outlaw - train robber

The top of page 3 has an interesting article: "IS JESSE JAMES DEAD?" "A Certificate for His Burial Alleged to Have Been Issued" "The Mystery Almost Certain to Be Cleared Up Within the Next Few Days". He would not die until over two years later.

Twelve pages, the back le... See More  

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Death of Jesse James...

Item #615649

April 04, 1882

DAILY TIMES, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1882

* Jesse James assassination

* Robert & Charles Ford

* St. Joseph, Missouri

The back page has a rather inconspicuous report at the bottom of the first column: "Death of the Notorious Robber Jesse James". The report, which continues at the top of the next column, reads in full: "Jesse James, the notorious robber was shot... See More  

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A mind-reader interviews Jesse James...

Item #612995

May 05, 1882


* Outlaw Jesse James

Page 8 has a very interesting article taking almost an entire column: "Brown, The Mind--reader" "He Tells of an Interview He Had with the Late Jesse James" "How He was Mistaken for a Detective & Told to Skip Out of Kansas City--His Visit to the Youngers at Stillwater & His Connection with the Ch... See More  

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Brookfield, Missouri bank robbery...

Item #611305

June 08, 1882

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, June 8, 1882

* Brookfield, Missouri

* Bank robbery - outlaws

The front page has an article headed: "Bank Robbers Abroad" "The Town of Brookfield Startled by a Visit from Desperadoes" and more. Detailed account during the heyday of outlaws and soon after the killing of Jesse James. Nice to have in a Missouri title.

Other news and adver... See More  

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Outlaw Jesse James tour...

Item #611304

June 06, 1882

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, June 6, 1882

* Outlaw Jesse James

* Life & assassination tour

Page 2 has an article headed: "The Dead Outlaw" "Opening of the Lecture Tour by the Jesse James Combination" Nice to have in a Missouri title.

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 12 pages, library label withing masthead, generally nice.... See More  

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Jesse James, a bad influence...

Item #605317

March 02, 1883

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 2, 1883

* Jesse James Gang

* Libel suit

* Clarence Hite

The front page has one column headings: "Jesse James's Bad Influence" "Gov. Crittenden, Of Missouri, Testifies In A Louisville Libel Suit" See image for text here. Nice to have in this venerable newspaper title.

Other news of the day throughout. Complete in 8 pages, light browning, a ... See More  

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Money to capture the James and Younger gangs...

Item #603833

March 31, 1874

EVANSVILLE DAILY JOURNAL, Indiana, March 31, 1874 

* Jesse James-Younger gang

* Missouri lawmen hired

The front page has: "Missouri - Appropriation for the Suppression of Outlaws--Another Terrible Tragedy" which notes in part: "...appropriating ten thousand dollars...to bring the James and Younger brothers and other outlaws & desperadoes infesting different parts of ... See More  

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Jesse James & Younger brothers Gad's Hill train robbery...

Item #602400

February 02, 1874

EVANSVILLE DAILY JOURNAL, Indiana, Feb. 2, 1874 

* Jesse James gang

* Train robbery

The top of the front page has a very nice account of the Gad's Hill train robbery, done by the James-Younger gang, although their identity was not know at the time of this report. The head reads: "The Train Robbery" with subhead: "Further Particulars of the Crime--The Daring Actions o... See More  

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Jesse James gang outlaws ?...

Item #600458

March 01, 1882

THE CLEVELAND LEADER, Ohio, March 1, 1882 

* Jesse James Gang 

* Outlaws killed

This uncommon 8 page issue has news of the day with several interesting advertisements throughout.

The front page has a one column heading: "Part of the James Gang Riddled With Bullets" The actual report is on page 2 with very small headings: "Dead Desperadoes" and "Poke... See More  

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Golden City steamer fire... Jesse James gang...

Item #600327

March 31, 1882

CLEVELAND WEEKLY HERALD, Ohio, March 31, 1882 

* Golden City steamer fire 

* James gang outlaw capture

The front page has one column headings that include: "DIRE DEATH !"' "The River Packet Golden City"' "En Route from New Orleans to Cincinnati"' "The James Boys"' "The Ntorious Dick Little Surrenders...".

Oth... See More  

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Death of "desperado" Frank James...

Item #598519

February 19, 1915

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 19, 1915

* Outlaw Frank James death

* Jesse James gang fame

Page 9 has one column headings: "Frank James Dies At 74", "Former Outlaw Was One of Last Survivors of Notorious Band". This is 1st report coverage on the death of famous old West outlaw, Frank James, brother of Jesse James.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the d... See More  

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1889 Infamous train robber Rube Burrow...

Item #595700

September 26, 1889

THE EVENING NEWS, Detroit, Sept. 26, 1889 

* Buckatunna MS Mississippi 

* Train holdup - robbery 

* Outlaw Rube Burrow

Page 3 has one column headings: "Southern Highwaymen"

"Hold Up A Train On The Mobile & Ohio Road" and more. See photos for first report coverage on the train robbery at Buckatunna, Mississippi.

This was the work of noted ... See More  

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Interview with Frank James, brother of Jesse James...

Item #592915

October 13, 1882

CLEVELAND WEEKLY HERALD, Ohio, October 13, 1882  

* Outlaw Frank James 

* Interview with the brother of Jesse James

Two-thirds of a column on page 2 is taken up with: "Frank James" and "The Notorious Outlaw Gives an Outline of His Checkered Career for the Past Few Years" which is very interesting reading (see photos).

Eight pages, nice condition.... See More  

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The "untimely" death of Jesse James?

Item #582733

April 09, 1882

THE DAILY MEMPHIS AVALANCHE,  Memphis, Tennessee, April 9, 1882 

* re. Jesse James assassination

The front page has a brief item: "St. Joseph has been the sensational center the past week. First the untimely death of Mr. J. James, & then the arrest in New York of two St. Joites who were negotiating for the sale..." (see photos).

Four pages, large folio size, loose at... See More  

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Sherman advancing upon Savannah...

Item #582714

December 15, 1864

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 15, 1864

* General William T. Sherman

* March to the sea nearing the end

* Savannah, Georgia

* Jesse James ? probably

Among the nice front page first heads are: "SAVANNAH", "From Sherman's Army Direct", "He Left the Army on the 9th Ten Miles from Savannah", "Sherman Advancing in Attack on the 10th", "The Army in... See More  

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Ford brothers found guilty, then pardoned for Jesse James' murder...

Item #581355

April 19, 1882

BELLEFONTE REPUBLICAN, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, April 19, 1882 

* re. James James murder

* Ford Brothers pardoned

Page 4 has a report headed: "The Ford Brothers" datelined from St. Joseph, Mo., noting: "The grand jury to-day found an indictment for murder in the first degree against the Ford brothers, who killed Jesse James...brought into court and pleaded guilty and we... See More  

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James Gang's first train robbery...

Item #563158

July 24, 1873

NEW-YORK TRIBUNE, New York, July 24, 1873 

* Jesse James Gang

* 1st railroad train robbery

On the front page under "The Iowa Train Robbery" is a report beginning:

* Gov. Carpenter offers $500 reward, each, for the capture of the robbers of the Rock Island Railroad train...It is now ascertained that there were ten robbers. Yesterday six of them were seen near Creston...rid
... See More  

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Trout fishing print...

Item #174672

June 10, 1882

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 10, 1882  Nice full ftpg. horse racing scene: "Opening of the Racing Season at Jerome Park--The Finish of the First Race". Fullpg print: "Dredging in New York Harbor". Half page print: "The Old Jumel Mansion". 2 full page prints: "Giuseppe Garibaldi" and "The 'Jeannette' Survivors--Meeting of Danehower an... See More  

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