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Cornwallis in Virginia...

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July 24, 1781

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 24, 1781 

* A naval encounter 

An inside page has: "American News" taken from the New York Gazette and includes mention of a naval encounter, and: "...was so discouraging a circumstance as to prevent the greater part of the militia from proceeding...consented to continue their march, & after suffering every inconvenience from... See More  

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Cornwallis in the South... Congress on pay for the soldiers...

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December 23, 1780

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, December 23, 1780   Page 2 has various items on the Revolutionary War including a report from Charleston which notes: "...last accounts from Lord Cornwallis inform us that he was with the army in North Carolina, that the people submit to him in great number & that he meets with no opposition in his march...of the most notorious rebels in South Caro... See More  

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