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General George Custer.. Black Hills' gold...

Item #689018

September 01, 1874

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Sept. 1, 1874

* General George Armstrong Custer

* Black Hills gold - South Dakota expedition ENDS

The front page has a few related article headed: "Return Of the Black Hills Expedition" with subheads. (see)

Other news of the day. Complete with 8 pages, nice condition.

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From Territorial New Mexico...

Item #688927

January 06, 1893

LAS VEGAS DAILY OPTIC, New Mexico (Territory), Jan. 6, 1893 

* Very early for this state

An uncommon territorial newspaper from 19 years before statehood. The fist column has: "THE CATTLEMEN IN COURT" "The Wyoming Cattlemen Must Lay Aside Their Fire-Arms While in Cheyenne" "Dead-Lock In Colorado" and more.

Four pages, large folio size, archivally rejoined ... See More  

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Beauregard’s report on the Battle of Manassas…

Item #688493

February 07, 1862

THE DAILY SOUTHERN GUARDIAN, Columbia, South Carolina, Feb. 7, 1862 

* Rare Confederate publication

* P.G.T. Beauregard official report

* On the Battle of Bull Run

A very rare title and great to have it contain the word “Southern” and also the motto which reads: “The South—Equality or Independence”. The front page has much on the correspondence between L... See More  

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1870 Van Buren, Arkansas hanging...

Item #687906

July 06, 1870


* Choctaw Indian execution by hanging

* Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas

The top of page 4 has a one column heading: "THE GALLOWS" with subheads. (see) Text takes up about 1 1/2 columns.

Complete with 12 pages, a little spine wear, generally nice.

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This title is not listed in Gregory: quite rare Cherokee newspaper...

Item #687411

January 11, 1913

THE INDIAN HEADLIGHT, Big Cabin, Oklahoma, January 11, 1913  This is the first of this title we have encountered, being the volume 1, number 3 issue. It is a Cherokee newspaper printed in the Cherokee alphabet on pages 1 and 4, and printed in English on pages 2 & 3.

This title is not even listed in Gregory's 'Union List of Newspapers'.

Four pages & printed on thick-stock... See More  

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Capture of Fort DuQuesne in the French & Indian War...

Item #687302

December 26, 1758

W. SLEATER'S PUBLIC GAZETTEER, Dublin, Ireland, Dec. 26, 1758  It is rare for us to find any Irish newspapers from the 18th century let alone one from the 1750's.

Inside hs a report noting: "...letter by the Lilly...from Virginia, mentions the taking of Fort DuQuesne by General Forbes..." with more.

Much other news of the day & a wealth of ads, several illustrated.

Ei... See More  

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Likely the most desired masthead from the 18th century...

Item #687194

October 23, 1770

THE MASSACHUSETTS SPY, Or Thomas's Boston Journal, October 27, 1774  It would be difficult to properly place both the scarcity and desirability of this newspaper in the confect of American history. This issue has the famous "Join Or Die" engraving stretching across the masthead.

In the same way that the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" issue of the Chicago Tribune is com... See More  

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Putting the Constitution into effect, & New York is the capital...

Item #687174

September 20, 1788

THE MASSACHUSETTS CENTINEL, Boston, Sept. 20, 1788  The top of the front page has an article signed by: "A Federalist" which is very supportive of the new Constitution, then being considered for ratification by the various states. It notes in part: "...The game that is now playing by the antifederalists is their last chance--Under the fallacious guise of being advocates for wha... See More  

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Thoughts on the prospect of war with England... Printing of The Declaration...

Item #687127

July 02, 1812


* Declaration of Independence anniversary

* War with England imminent ?

On the ftpg. under "The Patriotism Of Our Fathers" is: "In Congress, July 4, 1776. By The Representatives Of The U. States Of America In Congress Assembled:  A Declaration" (see photos below). Hereafter is the text of the Declaration of Independence, s... See More  

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1866 Fetterman Fight massacre....

Item #687037

December 27, 1866

NEW YORK TIMES, December 27, 1866.


* Fetterman Massacre

* Fort Laramie

On page 4 under "Terrible Massacre At Fort Laramie" "Three Officers and Ninety Soldiers Surrounded and Butchered" is a rather inconspicuous report reading in full: "A terrible massacre occurred on the 22d, near Fort Phil. Kearny. Brevet Col. Fetterman, Capt. Brown, and Lieut. Gammond, ... See More  

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John James Audubon... The Comanche Indians... The California Gold Rush...

Item #686985

May 02, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington D.C., May 2, 1849  Page 3 has a report beginning: "Col. Webb, commander of a large California expedition...They give quite a gloomy account of their adventures. Mr. Audubon remained behind, and had determined to prosecute his journey towards California with a party..." with more.

Also on page 3 is a letter from Rio Janeiro beginning: "T... See More  

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Mormon attack... Brigham Young on the Indians & U.S. forces...

Item #686572

November 17, 1857

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 17, 1857  This issue has multiple reports regarding the Mormon tensions of mid-late 1857. Page 2 begins with a full column article headed: "A Reply to Brigham Young" which kicks off with Young's detailed letter on how to handle the Indians, followed by the response of J.W. Denver, Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Both letters d... See More  

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1935 SS Mohawk shipwreck...

Item #686437

January 25, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 25, 1935.


* SS Mohawk shipwreck

* Ward Line ocean liner

* New Jersey coast collision

* Charles Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Trial

* Bruno Hauptmann takes the stand

* Loads of court testimony

The top of the front page has a three column headline: "WARD LINER SINKS IN CRASH WITH FREIGHTER OFF JERSEY; ALL ABROAD BELIEVED SAVED" with sub
... See More  

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Castle Garden: the Ellis Island of immigration before Ellis Island....

Item #686223

August 04, 1855

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, Aug. 4, 1855  The front page has nearly two columns taken up with: "Castle Garden - How Emigrants Are Treated on Landing".

Castle Garden with the point of entry into the United States prior to Ellis Island. It had just opened to immigrants the year of this article, on the eve of a dramatic wave of European immigration. During the next 35 years, more than 8 mil... See More  

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Creating trading houses with the Indians...

Item #686220

July 11, 1811

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 11, 1811

* Indians - Native Americans

* Early trading posts

 Over a full column is taken up with n Act of Congress: "For establishing trading houses with the Indian tribes.", signed in type by he President: James Madison. Two more Acts are from the Mass. legislature.

Four pages, small piece from a blank margin, very nice condition.... See More  

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Early 1855 Cooperstown, New York...

Item #685920
An Oct. 29th, 1855 check drawn in the "Otsego County Bank" in Cooperstown, New York. A very handsome item which features an engraving of an Indian at the left side. Printed on maroon ink with 1 circular "Paid" stamp. About 2 3/4 by 7 3/4 inches and in nice condition.

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Problem with slaves in the Bahamas... Cherokee gold...

Item #685718

October 08, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 8, 1831 The back page has most of a column headed: "American Slaves In The Bahamas" which is a report concerning a slave ship which wrecked on one of the Bahama Islands and the slaves--bound from an Atlantic port to New Orleans--taken into the Bahamas.

Also near the back is: "Cherokee Gold Mines" in Georgia.

Complete in 24 pages, 6 ... See More  

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Creating a government in Colombia... Indian lands and laws...

Item #685714

June 26, 1830

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 26, 1830  Inside has a report concerning the creation of a government in "Colombia" noting: "The new constitution having been adopted...proceeded to elect a president and vice president of the republic...a deputation waited upon Bolivar & informed him of the result He congratulated them on the happy termination of their labors...&... See More  

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General Samuel Houston... Trail of Tears...

Item #685713

May 16, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 16, 1829 

* Trail of Tears 

* Samuel Houston 

* North Carolina gold

Page 3 has an article with a small head: "Gen. Houston" which has some speculation on why this former governor of Tennessee is leaving, ending with: "...They relate to domestic misfortunes. He has not only resigned the governor's chair of Tennesse... See More  

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For and about the military... Champion Rifleman of America...

Item #685650

September 09, 1876

ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL, New York, September 9, 1876  Half of the front page is taken up with a nice ad "The Leech Cup won by Judge Gildersleeve, 'Champion Rifleman of America'  -- 1876 with the Sharps Rifle at Creedmoor, May 27...".

Inside the issue is an article "The War with the Sioux", "The campaign presents no new features except that the forces und... See More  

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Battle of the Clearwater...

Item #685574

July 15, 1877

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, July 15, 1877

* Battle of the Clearwater

* Chief Joseph - Looking Glass

* General Oliver Otis Howard

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many advertisements. Page 7 has an article headed: "Fierce Fighting" "Howard's Troops Rout the Redskins in Idaho" and more. (see)

This issue is not fragile as newsprint back... See More  

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1st successful mid-air refueling... Aviation history...

Item #685527

June 30, 1923

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 30, 1923

* Army Aviators attempt to break flight record

*  First mid-air refueling

Page 4 has the headline: "LONG-DISTANCE FLIERS CRASH IN MUD FLAT", which states that Capt. Lowell H. Smith's and Lieut. J. B. Richter's flight, while forced to crash-land before breaking the flight endurance record, did prove "... planes may be re-fuel... See More  

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Uylsses S. Grant... Cowboys...

Item #684878

August 01, 1885

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 1, 1885  Includes Supplement & "The Hero of Our Age" image.

Full ftpg: 'General Grant's Last Message' is quite somber, as he was near death. Halfpg: 'Dr. Ferran Inoculating for Cholera in Spain' Displayable fullpg. cowboy print: 'On A Hot Trail' shows cowboys on the hunt for Cheyennes. Fullpg: 'Death of Grant... See More  

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1921 Pueblo, Colorado flood...

Item #683593

June 05, 1921


* Pueblo, Colorado flood disaster

The top of the front page has a four column headline: "FLOOD DEAD ESTIMATED 500 PUEBLO, COL., A SEA OF MUD PROPERTY DAMAGE $10,000,000" with subheads. (see)

First section only with 14 pages, light toning and a little wear at the margins, generally good.... See More  

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Opening day ad for "Fort Apache"... John Wayne...

Item #683509

June 24, 1948

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 24, 1948

* Original "Fort Apache" premiere ad

* American Western film - movie

* Opening day showing in New York City

* John Wayne - Shirley Temple - Henry Fonda

* John Ford's first of the "cavalry trilogy"

Page 29 has a 9 x 8 inch advertisement for the opening day of "Fort Apache" in New York City. (see)

Complete with all 52 pa... See More  

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Great issue on the Second Battle of Manassas...

Item #683453

September 03, 1862

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Sept. 3, 1862  A nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederate States of America. Among the front page items are: "From the Seat of War" which includes: "We are yet without any authentic particulars of the great battle at Manassas on Saturday...Reports, as usual, were abundant & favorable...As Stated we have no doubt of the triumph of our arms... See More  

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The Grattan Indian massacre...

Item #683447

September 11, 1854

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, September 11, 1854 

* Grattan Massacre (1st report)

* United States Army

* Lakota Sioux Indians

The front page has an article headed: "Important from Fort Laramie--An Entire Detachment of United States Troops Massacred by the Indians" Early, 1st report coverage on what was known as the "Grattan Massacre". This was the opening engagement of the... See More  

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1946 Royal Indian Navy mutiny...

Item #683407

February 24, 1946

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 24, 1946

* Royal Indian Navy mutiny

* Bombay, India - Mahatma Gandhi

The to of the front page has a three column headline: "BOMBAY FIGHTING RENEWED AT NIGHT, DEATH TOLL SOARS; MOST OF CITY UNEASILY CALM" with subheads. Always nice to have notable events in history reported in this World famous publication.

Complete 1st section only with 46 pages, rag edit... See More  

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Early map of the Caribbean Islands...

Item #683352
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1756  The first two pages are devoted to the "Caribee Islands" [Caribbean] primarily limited to text on Barbadoes.

But of greater significance is the great and desirable foldout map labeled: "A Map of the CARIBBEE ISLANDS Shewing which belong to England, France, Spain, Dutch, & Danes...". This map folds out to 8 1/2 by 13 1/2 ... See More  

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Bridge over Harlem River... Heaviest locomotive...

Item #683304

July 17, 1897




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Missouri becomes a Confederate state... Uncommon Confederate title...

Item #683215

August 02, 1861

The DAILY PROGRESS, New Bern, North Carolina, Aug. 2, 1861 

* Very rare Confederate publication

This is a single sheet newspaper with just a one column masthead, not uncommon from the Confederacy where newsprint was often difficult to come by. From the early part of the Civil War with many items relating to it, including article headed "Resolutions of Mississippi on the Victories i... See More  

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Rare newspaper printed on board a transcontinental train...

Item #683143

June 25, 1870

TRANS-CONTINENTAL, San Francisco, California, June 25, 1870  This is a very fascinating newspaper, borne in the ingenious mind of a publisher who decided to take a small printing press on board the first transcontinental railroad excursion and publish 6 issues westbound and 6 issues eastbound.  Printed on a Gordon press in the baggage car, it is considered the very first newspaper compos... See More  

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Great Confederate coverage of the first Battle of Bull Run...

Item #683107

July 29, 1861

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Virginia, July 29, 1861 

* First Battle of Bull Run

* Manassas VA Virginia

* From capital of Confederacy

Almost the entire front page is taken up with war-related reports with items headed: "Speech of Gov. Jackson of Missouri" "The Rich Mountain Fight--Statement of Col. Fulkerson" "From Gloucester Point" "From Yorktown"... See More  

Item from Catalog 320 (released for July, 2022)...

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John Adams script signatures... Trenton the federal capital...

Item #683005

October 19, 1799

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 19, 1799  The front page features two Acts of Congress, each signed in script type by the President: John Adams. One is a conclusion from a previous issue for regulating: "...trade with Indian tribes & to preserve peace on the frontiers." and the other to authorize the President: "...to fill certain vacancies in the army & navy.".

... See More  

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John Adams script signatures... Trenton the federal capital...

Item #683004

October 19, 1799

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 19, 1799  The front page features two Acts of Congress, each signed in script type by the President: John Adams. One is a conclusion from a previous issue for regulating: "...trade with Indian tribes & to preserve peace on the frontiers." and the other to authorize the President: "...to fill certain vacancies in the army & navy.".

... See More  

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Indian massacre in Minnesota... Much from New Mexico...

Item #682929

May 07, 1850

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., May 7, 1850  Page 3 has: "Indian Massacre" with a report from St. Paul, Minnesota, concerning troubles with the Sioux and Chippewa tribes. Also: "Important From New Mexico" takes over half a column, and also a few: "Appointments By The President".

Four pages, ink spots on page 3, good condition.

Item from Catalog 320 (released for July, 2022)...

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1906 Portland, Colorado trains disaster...

Item #682918

March 16, 1906

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, March 16, 1906

* Portland, Pueblo County, Colorado

* Adobe Station trains collision disaster

* Denver and Rio Grande Railroad

The front page has a banner headline: "FORTY CHARRED BODIES IN RUINS OF TWO TRAINS" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to ... See More  

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1903 Battle of Lightning Creek... Wyoming...

Item #682917

November 03, 1903

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Nov. 3, 1903

* The Battle of Lightning Creek

* Last Indian battle o Wyoming

* Sioux - Native Americans

The front page has a one column heading: "ARMED COWBOYS PURSUE INDIANS" with subhead. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fragile from this era... See More  

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Mormon missionaries arrive in St. Louis... Indian troubles...

Item #682823

June 07, 1854

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 7, 1854

* Mormon missionaries

* Indians harass (Nebraska Territory) and are harassed (New York)

Page 3 has: "FROM SALT LAKE CITY", which tells of a group of missionaries having arrived safely at St. Louis, with some details regarding Mormon emigration.

Another article has: "Nebraska Excitement", which talks of trouble... See More  

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King Philip's War: the first war in America...

Item #682795

August 19, 1675

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, August 19, 1675  The significance of what is known as "King Philip's War" is lost with most Americans, but the event cannot be over-stated. This was America's first war, and the only newspaper in existence to report is was this title. As Wikipedia notes, this was an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants of present-day New England and... See More  

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Fugitive Indians...

Item #682791

January 16, 1879

HELENA DAILY HERALD, Montana (Territory), January 16, 1879 

*  The Fort Robinson massacre

*  Molly Maguire Execution

Several articles on Cheyenne Indians in Fort Robinson incident including: "CHEYENNE HOSTILES" with subhead, "Results of the Chase After the Fugitive Band" and "A Bold Break to Escape Captivity. Several Soldiers and Thirty of the Indians... See More  

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"Indians Can go Where They Please"... Sitting Bull...

Item #682785

May 22, 1879

HELENA DAILY HERALD, Montana (Territory), May 22, 1879 

* Judge Dundy ruling states Indians can go anywhere

Page 5 lists a telegram stating: "Indians Can go Where They Please", after the Judge Dundy ruling in the Standing Bear v. Crook case.  This ruling was: "regarded by the government as a heavy blow to the present Indian system; that if sustained it will prov... See More  

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Lynch mob murders an inmate...

Item #682778

March 18, 1880

THE MISSOURI REPUBLICAN, St. Louis, March 18, 1880  The top of the front page has column heads: "Masked Murderers" "the Jail at Winchester, Illinois, Seized by a Mob" "One of the Prisoners Confined There is Riddled With Bullets" with much detail on the lynching.

Page 2 has: "Indian Affairs - Our On the White River Massacre".

Ten pages, irregular at th... See More  

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Early from Shelbyville, Kentucky...

Item #682761

October 10, 1828

KENTUCKY ADVOCATE, Shelbyville, Oct. 10, 1828  A volume 1 issue of this early & scarce Kentucky newspaper. 

The entire front page is taken up with: "Gov. Shelby and Gen. Jackson at the Chickasaw Treaty" which also includes several letters signed in type by James Shelby, and James Jackson.

Various news of the day inside, and several illus. ads as well.

Four pages, never-t... See More  

Item from Catalog 320 (released for July, 2022)...

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Beautiful masthead... On the Battle of Eutaw Springs...

Item #682666

December 29, 1781


* Rare 18th century American publication

* Great masthead engraving for display

I have always thought this newspaper has one of the finest masthead, featuring an uncommonly large engraving with an Indian and an angel on either side of the "Journal", plus a 3-masted ship & other embellis... See More  

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Great letter on Dummer's War...

Item #682627

January 01, 1726

THE POST-BOY, London, Dec. 30 to Jan. 1, 1725(6)  This early title typically has little if any American content, but this issue is an exception, and a notable one at that.

The back page has a speech signed in type by William Dummer, the Lt. Governor of Massachusetts Bay. This speech is concerning events what is known as "Dummer's War" with the local Indians, with mention that h... See More  

Item from Catalog 320 (released for July, 2022)...

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Early Georgia... Map of the English Channel...

Item #682582

* Article on the weather in Georgia

* Map of Havre De Grace, the English Channel, Isle of Wight

The first article is: "A Description of Havre de Grace" which takes over a full page and is accompanied by a nice foldout map showing part of the English Channel including the Isle of Wight off the coast of Southampton and a
... See More  

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Great coverage of Bull Run, or Manassas, in a Confederate title...

Item #682525

July 24, 1861

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Virginia, July 24, 1861 

* First Battle of Bull Run

* Manassas VA Virginia

* Great publication to have

Not only a newspaper from the Confederate states, but from the capital of the Confederacy. Given the date, it is not surprising that the content on pages 2 & 3 contain much on the historic Battle of Bull Run, the first major conflict of the Civil War. Th... See More  

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The battle of Fort Apache...

Item #682456

September 05, 1881


* Battle of Fort Apache

* Indian massacre ?

* Eugene Asa Carr

The front page has most of a column taken up with what is known as the Battle of Fort Apache, which occurred in eastern Arizona Territory on September 1.

The top of a column is headed: "THE APACHE MASSACRE" "Confirmations of the Disaster To General Carr's Command&q... See More  

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Terrific 18th century ship illustration...

Item #682414
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, July, 1748 

* Great 18th century ship illustration

Certainly the feature item in this issue is the terrific, full page illustration of: "A Ship Of War" with considerable detail, and with most of the facing page having the "Explanation to a Ship of War of the third Rate with Rigging, &c., at Anchor".

The "Explanation" n... See More  

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