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Item #542749

September 07, 1918

LESLIE'S WEEKLY, New York, September 7, 1918  The front page of this issue is an illustration entitled "Labor Day, 1918".

This issue includes "To Them Retreat Was 'Unendurable'"; "War: America's Giant Industry"; :Our Men Who Fly for Italy"; "The Second Battle of the Marne Which Made Veterans of Our Men" and much more. Oth... See More  

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Early flight... Military maneuvers... Color cover...

Item #631746

September 07, 1918

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, September 7, 1918 Interesting full ftpg. diagram-illustration about dogfighting: "Tricks used in aerial combat: First, the 'horizontal vrille'; second the 'retournment'; third, the change of direction; and fourth, the 'renversement', all as seen from the side."

Inside the issue are a variety of articles, illustrations, and advertise... See More  

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Knute Rockne's first game as coach...

Item #564498

September 29, 1918

THE WORLD, New York, NY, September 29, 1918

* Knute Rockne's 1st game as head coach

* Notre Dame Fighting Irish college football

This 50+ page newspaper has sports news on page 17 with a small inset titled: "Results of College Football Games" with a small list games and their final scores. Within here is a score of "Notre Dame 26 Case 6"

This was the game between ... See More  

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Who doesn't want a newspaper from Mars?

Item #685674

September 29, 1918

THE MARTIAN, France, Sept. 29, 1918 

* Rare U.S. military camp publication

* World War I - WWI

This is a little 4 page newspaper "Published by Organizations at Hospital Center, A.P.O. No. 780 American Expeditionary Forces" near Mars, France, hence the title.

This town became an American hospital complex near the end of WWI, meant to serve up to 40,000 people. Vario
... See More  

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