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The Niagara Scow gets stranded at the Falls....

Item #665281

August 07, 1918

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 7, 1918

* Niagara Scow - Old or Iron Scow

* Stranded at Niagara Falls (1st report)

The top of page 9 has a one column heading: "Stranded On Brink Of Niagara Falls" with subhead: "Scow with Two Workmen Aboard It Fast Upon a Rock 1,000 Feet from Cataract" (See) First report coverage on the Niagara Scow being stranded near the Horseshoe Falls that h... See More  

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D. W. Griffith, Fred Astaire, Will Rogers...

Item #627651

August 09, 1918

VARIETY, New York, Aug. 9, 1918  This a weekly entertainment-trade magazine contains a large variety of trade news, reports, reviews, acts, announcements and some photos. Still has a green outer wrapper featuring a photo of the legendary D.W. Griffith. The back page of the wrapper has an advertisement for Fred and Adele Astaire, the brother and sister act, which features  photos of them.... See More  

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Truck transportation...

Item #632987

August 17, 1918

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, August 17, 1918  The color cover page has "Forwarding Freight by Motor Truck Express to Relieve our Over-burdened Railroads" with an accompanying article. Inside the issue is: "Via Motor Truck"; "Motorized Railways"; and more illustrations, articles and advertisements.

Complete in 32 pages in nice condition.

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Tyler MN tornado disaster...

Item #582854

August 22, 1918

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 22, 1918

* Tyler MN Minnesota

* Tornado disaster (1st report)

This 20 page newspaper has small one column headings on page 7: "13 Killed In Tornado" and "Tyler, Minn., Is Wrecked by Windstorm" which is a 1st report on the tornado disaster at Tyler, Minnesota. Unfortunate for such a small inside page report, probably because the first few pages ... See More  

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Item #542752

August 24, 1918

Leslie's Weekly, from New York City, dated August 24, 1918.

The front page of this issue is an illustration entitled "A Canadian Woodsman in France".

This issue includes "Giving the Kaiser Karl a Trimming"; "When the Austrians Reswam the Piave"; "The Red Harvest on the Piave"; "Czecho-Slovaks Save Siberia"; "Treating Them Rough - The Hun... See More  

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Early Babe Ruth as a pitcher....

Item #563893

August 25, 1918

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, NY, August 25, 1918

* Early Babe Ruth (Pre Yankee)

* Winning pitcher for Boston

This 34 page newspaper has small one column headlines in the sport's section (inside): "BABE RUTH STEALS HOME" and "Versatile Red Sox Star Wins a Pitchers' Duel from Browns" with box scores. Tells of a early Babe Ruth before he became a home run king, pitching in... See More  

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