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1818 Northwest Expedition

Item #213486

December 01, 1818

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Dec. 1, 1818.

* Northwest Expedition

* Ship Isabella

* 1818
On page 3 under Northern Expedition is a very detailed letter from an officer aboard the ship Isabella, employed in the North-West Expedition. Mentions Wygatt Island, Greenland, Four Island Point, Disko, Riskoll, Woman Islands, Black Hook, and Sandersons Hope. Much about the weather c
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Illinois joins the Union as the 21st state...

Item #665089

December 12, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 12, 1818 

* Illinois statehood

The front page has a rather inconspicuous report headed: Journal of 15th Congress" noting in part: "...Messrs. Hunter of R.I. and Edwards and Thomas took their seats this day. The two latter represent the new State of Illinois, the law to admit which into the Union has been signed by the President...The Union is n... See More  

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1818 Alexander Arbuthnot Court Martial..

Item #200019

December 15, 1818

NEW-ENGLAND PALLADIUM & COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Dec. 15, 1818 On the ftpg. under "Arbuthnot" are the charges and specifications pertaining to Alexander Arbuthots court martial ordered by Andrew Jackson. Rubbing and some lite dirtiness does not affect this report.

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Initiating the historic Maryland Jew Bill...

Item #672090

December 19, 1818

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 19, 1818 

* Maryland Jew Bill Initiated

Inside has a brief yet notable item with a small head: "Maryland Legislature" which includes in part: "...A committee was appointed to bring in a bill to extend the same civil privileges to persons professing the Jewish religion as are enjoyed by those of any other religious sect..."... See More  

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Early Pittsburgh... Smithfield Street Bridge opens...

Item #538699

December 21, 1818


* Very early Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

* Smithfield Street Bridge

A page 2 report says: 

* "A splendid Bridge has been erected over the Monongahela, near Pittsburg. On the first day of its being opened for passengers, the flooring was covered with several thousands delighted inhabitants of Pittsburg. This was the Monongahela Brid... See More  

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Early expedition to the Yellowstone...

Item #625194

December 29, 1818

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 29, 1818  The middle of the front page has an interesting article: "Of The Yellow Stone Expedition" "Extract of a Letter dated Martin Cantonment, 380 Miles up the Missouri River...from an Officer of the Yellow Stone River Expedition to a Gentleman in St. Louis". The letter has some fascinating first-hand reporting on this earl... See More  

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