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A new town near Hispaniola...

Item #679946

June 06, 1767

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, June 6, 1767  Inside has most of a column headed: "America" with datelines from Philadelphia, New York & Kingston, Jamaica. 

One report notes that: "...Gov. Seymour...had already planned a town which was to be built on the Grand Key, and to be called by the name of Shelburne. As these islands lie so contiguous to Hispaniola...is imagined... See More  

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A letter of thanks from Boston...

Item #612766

June 08, 1767

THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, (Gloucester), England, June 8, 1767  Page 3 has: "A Letter from Boston, New-England" is a note of thanks including: "...noble & generous efforts in support of the common rights of mankind & liberties of Great Britain & her colonies..." (see). The tone would change in a few years.

Red tax stamp on the front page, 4 pages, folio size, neve... See More  

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Success in converting & educating the Cherokee Indians...

Item #598590

June 11, 1767

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, June 11, 1767  Inside has reports from Boston and Charleston headed: "America" (see) with reports datelined Boston and Charleston, the latter noting: "Mr. Hammerer, who came over from England with intent to civilize and convert the Cherokee Indians, has met with more success than some persons seemed to expect...have elected him head man over them ... See More  

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German Protestants heading for Louisiana...

Item #696179

June 23, 1767

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, June 23, 1767  The middle of the back page has a brief item: "We hear that Mounteford Brown has obtained the grant of an extensive track of land in British Louisiana bordering on the Mississippi, a very fertile territory & intended to be settled with German emigrants & other protestant families from the continent."

Another item notes: "..... See More  

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Meeting with the Indians... Acts of the Mass. Assembly...

Item #640219

June 27, 1767

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, June 27, 1767  Page 6 has over half a column with news from America which includes mention of a few Acts passed by the Mass. governor, including: "An Act for laying out and establishing a new street in the town of Boston" with others. Also a letter from Charleston with mention of a meeting with the headmen of the Creek Indian nation.

Eight pages, 8 1/... See More  

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