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America at war: The Great War Collection...

Item #649249
THE GREAT WAR COLLECTION (11 issues) - A great opportunity for an instant collection encompassing every American war. You get eleven original/authentic newspapers, one each for:

French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Gulf War.

The earliest two are British; all others ar... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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Death of famed artist Thomas Nast...

Item #661810

December 20, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Dec. 20, 1902  

* Death of Thomas Nast

* Caricaturist- cartoonist

* Best title to be had ?

The entire front page is a photo of Thomas Nast, the great American cartoonist. A related article is inside which includes a rare illustration of himself.

Other prints include: "The Arrival of Admiral Dewey in the Caribbean Sea" "Will Marconi S... See More  

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Rare and early stock market title...

Item #649268

January 01, 1903

WALL STREET DAILY NEWS, New York, 1903  This interesting & quite rare newspaper is subtitled: "A Daily Journal Devoted to Financial Interests", from over a century ago. This newspaper has a wealth of early stock market reporting & would be a great companion newspaper for any modern report on the stock market.

Four pages, 10 by 13 1/2 inches, re-joined at the spine, nice con... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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Horse racing magazine from Lexington, Kentucky...

Item #646999
THE THOROUGHBRED RECORD, Lexington, Kentucky, 1913  As the title would suggest this magazine is focused on  horse racing, and the masthead notes: "A Weekly Thoroughbred Journal Published by the Thoroughbred Record Company".

The ftpg. has a horse racing-related photo with a great wealth of text inside on the horse racing. Many horse racing advertisements as well.

Complete in 1... See More  

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The Mary Phagan murder case... Leo Frank...

Item #664781

October 20, 1913


* Leo Frank murder case

* Best title to have in

* Mary Phagan

The front page has a nice banner headline: "LOCKED DOORS GUARD WITNESS WHO DECLARES FRANK INNOCENT; DETECTIVES KEEP ALL NIGHT VIGIL IN ORDER TO ARREST HIM" with subheads. (see) This is concerning Leo Frank, defendant in the Mary Phagan murder case. Nice to have this repo... See More  

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A record of the construction of the Panama Canal...

Item #649251

January 01, 1914

CANAL RECORD, Ancon, Canal Zone, 1914  This small-size periodical from the Isthmus of Panama is an interesting  newspaper published by the "Isthmian Canal Commission", given free of charge to employees of the Commission & the Panama Railroad Company. It lasted for several years documenting the construction of the Panama Canal, considered one of the finest engineering achiev... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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From the early weeks of World War I...

Item #661944

July 31, 1914

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, July 31, 1914  The front page has some very nice column headlines on the earlier weeks of World War I including: "MOBILIZATION IN RUSSIA" "Entire Army & Navy of the Em;pire Called to the Colors" "Germany Will Follow Suit" "Germany Already Under Martial Law" "All Europe Is An Armed Camp" "Servians Putting Up ... See More  

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Very early reports from World War I...

Item #661659

August 03, 1914

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, Aug. 3, 1914  The front page has many reports from the early events of World War I with column heads including; "GERMAN ARMY OVER FRONTIERS" "Neutrality Treaties Openly Violated" "Russia Also Over the German Border" "Austria Fighting On the Drina" "ENGLAND TO MOBILIZE" "World Hangs on Great Britain's Word&qu... See More  

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From the early weeks of World War I...

Item #661941

August 04, 1914

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, Aug. 4, 1914  The front page has some very nice column headlines on the earlier weeks of World War I including: "BRITISH ULTIMATUM TO GERMANY" "Demands Definite Statement of Attitude on Belgium Neutrality" "Army Ordered Mobilized by King George" "Public Opinion In England For War" "German Army on the Aggressive on Both Ea... See More  

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Early reports from World War I...

Item #661660

August 06, 1914

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, Aug. 6, 1914  The ftpg. has many one column heads on the early reports from World War I including: "BATTLE AT LIEGE STILL UNDER WAY" "German Casualties Placed at 8,000" "Another Attack Expected Tonight" "France is Likely to Aid Belgium" "FEEDING THE FIGHTING NATIONS" "Red Cross to Send A Relief Ship" "... See More  

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The 1914 World Series... Boston Braves vs. Philadelphia Athletics...

Item #661559

October 08, 1914

THE OMAHA EVENING BEE, Omaha, Nebraska, October 8 - 10, 12-13, 1914

* Boston Braves (Atlanta)

* Philadelphia Athletics

* World Series of baseball

* Complete set for all games

This is a five-issue set (the 11th was a Sunday and no issue was printed) pertaining to the 1914 World Series between the Boston Braves and Philadelphia Athletics which was the first four-game sweep in World Series h... See More  

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Inventions, patents, and more... From the early 1900's...

Item #649215
(10) SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York  A lot of ten issues from 1900 - 1915. Not a "supplement" of the regular issue, but rather a separate stand-alone title which got its start to report on the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Nice condition with a wealth of illustrations and photos throughout.

Item from Catalog 303 (released for February, 2021)...

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Baltimore, Maryland riot in 1917...

Item #664780

April 02, 1917

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 2, 1917 The front page has one column headings: "Riot At Baltimore Ends Peace Meeting" "Great Crowd Invades Hall Where Jordan is Speaking--Banker and Others Clubbed" (see photos). Sad to see the ongoing racial-strife that has pervaded Baltimore's landscape for over 100 years. Nice to have this timely report on the front page.

This issue is compl... See More  

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By and for brewery and soft drink workers...

Item #649248
BREWERY & SOFT DRINK WORKERS' JOURNAL, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1918  An interesting folio size newspaper for members of the: "International Union of United Brewery & Soft Drink Workers" from just a year before Prohibition. Two of the inside pages are in German. An interesting newspaper for display in a home bar, etc.

Four pages, lightly toned, some minor margin tears, small b... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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White Sox owners bans players despite the court's verdict...

Item #661669

March 14, 1921


* re. Black Sox World Series scandal

* Best title to be had ?- rare as such

Page 15 begins with an interesting article relating the infamous Black Sox betting scandal. Headed: "Commy Through With Black Sox Despite Verdict", the text begins: "With an emphatic 'No" President Comiskey of the White Sox disposed of the last chan... See More  

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John Wanamaker's death report...

Item #664225

December 12, 1922

THE BETHLEHEM TIMES, Pennsylvania, December 12, 1922.

* The death oh John Wanamaker

* Famed 19th century merchant and marketing pioneer

* One-time Postmaster General

The front page has: "JOHN WANAMAKER PASSES AWAY AT HOME IN PHILADELPHIA TODAY", with supporting text and a photo. Nice to have in a newspaper from the region.

Other news of the day, sports, and period advertising ar... See More  

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First woman nominee for VP on Democrat ballot...

The KKK - The DNC decides position in 1924...

Item #664303

June 28, 1924

TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE, Massachusetts, June 28 & 30, 1924 (a two-issue set)

The front page of the June 28th issue has the 2-line, full-banner heading: "COMMITTEE DEADLOCKED OVER ANTI-KLAN PLANK - BITTER FIGHT CERTAIN ON CONVENTION FLOOR", with related subheading and considerable details of the convention. The front page of the June 30th issue has the full-banner: "BATTLE OF BA... See More  

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Mahatma Gandhi arrested...

Item #664777

May 05, 1930


* Gandhi arrested - The Mahatma

* Nashua NH New Hampshire fire

The front page has a two column headline: "GANDHI SEIZED BY BRITISH FOR INDEFINITE DETENTION; TROOPS POSTED FOR CRISIS" with subheads. (see)

Also one column headlines that include: "FIRE SWEEPS NASHUA; OVER 1,000 HOMELESS" and more.  Coverage on the great fires... See More  

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Adolph Hitler receives Germany citizenship...

Item #661566

February 26, 1932

NEW YORK TIMES, February 26, 1932  Page 9 has a column-wide article headed: GERMAN CITIZENSHIP ACQUIRED BY HITLER" "He Receives an Appointment to Post of Attache at Berlin Legation of Brunswick" See images for text here.

Complete in 40 pages, nice condition.

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Hitler's forces kill hundreds of political rivals...

Item #661873

July 03, 1934

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, July 3, 1934  The banner headline reports: "REVEALS HOW NAZIS SHOT 50" "with subheads: "German Army In Saddle; Hitler Shakes Cabinet" "Ousts Papen, Friend of Hindenburg" "Executions Described by an Eyewitness".

What is known as the "night of the long knives" was a purge of those suspected of being political rivals ... See More  

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Amelia Earhart in 1937...

Item #664778

March 18, 1937

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, June 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 14, 17 & 18, 1937 (an 8-issue set)


* Amelia Earhart around the World 2nd attempt

* Lockheed Electra 10E airplane (early stages)

* Would eventually lead to her disappearance

* Group lot on the earlier stages of her infamous flight

The front page of each of these 8 issues has one column headings: (see images
... See More  

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Death of John D. Rockefeller...

Item #661905

May 24, 1937

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, May 24, 1937 

* John D. Rockefeller death

* Oil tycoon & philanthropist

The top of the front page has a photo of "John D. Rockefeller, Sr." headed: "Dead Philanthropist". Also a banner headline announcing: "Federal Unemployment Insurance Held Valid" with related subheads.

Fourteen pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Set on Howard Hughes' around-the-world flight...

Item #661608

July 11, 1938

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, Boston. A set of 4 issues dated July 11, 12, 14 & 15, 1938.

* Aviator Howard Hughes

* Airplane flight around World

Each issue has a top- of-the-front page headline and photo concerning Howard Hughes' historic around-the-world flight.

See the photos for the both the headlines and the graphics.

Each issue is complete & in very nice condition.... See More  

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'Wrong-way' Corrigan flies to Dublin...

Item #661897

July 18, 1938

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, Boston, July 18, 1938  The front page has a nice photo of Douglas Corrigan with his plane headed: "Bravo And a Mild 'Tut-Tut' " with the caption noting: "...Douglas Corrigan took off from New York apparently for California, but he headed his $900 craft out over the Atlantic and was next heard from when he landed safely at Dublin."

T... See More  

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Jewish holocaust... Seizure of businesses....

Item #662020

November 20, 1938

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 20, 1938 

* The Jewish Holocaust in progress

* Eviction of Jews without belongings

* Post Kristallnacht era

This 100+ page Sunday newspaper has one column headlines on the front page: "REICH INSISTS JEWS DEPART PENNILESS" "Reveals It Does Not Intend to Negotiate With Refugee Board Director on Evian Lines" with smaller subheads. The report conti... See More  

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Germany demands Jews to surrender their jewelry...

Item #661951

February 24, 1939


* The Jewish Holocaust in progress

* Jews ordered to give up valuables

A small report at the bottom of the front page reports a notable event from the early period of WWII: "Nazis Demand Jewish Jewelry" reading: "All German Jews and stateless Jews in Germany are required by an order published today to turn over their jewels, precio... See More  

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Lou Gehrig's farewell to baseball...

Item #661889

July 05, 1939


* Lou Gehrig day at Yankee Stadium - Yankees

* Famous 'luckiest man on the face of the earth' speech

* Best title to be had - very rare as such

This issue will remain one of the most coveted by baseball fans, as it reports--from the city where it happened--one of the most notable & heart-warming events in the annals of baseball histor... See More  

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Collection of English language Nazi newspapers...

Item #636874
(10) WORLD WAR II: "The Star" and "Evening Press" newspapers from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Ten issues of a bona-fide Nazi newspaper published in English for the residents of this English Channel island during the Nazi occupation.  All issues date from 1940 thru early 1945.  The images shown are representative of what you will receive.

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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DiMaggio's historic hitting streak ends at 56...

Item #661612

July 18, 1941


* Joe MiMaggio - New York Yankees

* Historic game hitting streak ends w/ 56

* Best title to be had from NYC ?

The top of the sports page has a 6 column head announcing: "Snapping of DiMaggio String Fails to Halt Yanks" with one of the subheads noting; "Jolting Joe Held Hitless After 56 Consecutive Contests". The text begins: ... See More  

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50 issues with World War II content...

Item #649270
(50) WORLD WAR II -- A lot of fifty issues each with front page war headlines. Folio-size; nice for resale or for someone wishing to begin a collection.  The issues may have edge tears and/or a rough left spine, but they are nice for framing and do not have loss of text.

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

This item is not eligible for free shipping.

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A World War II newspaper from the Navy Yard...

Item #649240

January 01, 1944

BEACON, Philadelphia Navy Yard, 1944  A military paper produced at the Navy Yard, which was a major site for not only the building of new warships but also the repair of vessels damaged in the war. As would be expected there is a great wealth of war-related content, with an emphasis of naval items.

Eight pages, 10 1/2 by 16 pages, printed on high quality paper, nice condition. The photos sho... See More  

Item from Catalog 303 (released for February, 2021)...

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Follow-up to 'Operation Valkyrie'... Truman nominated...

Item #661700

July 22, 1944


* Operation Valkyrie failure

* Adolph Hitler assassination attempt

* German officers executed

The ftpg. has two follow-up items relating to "Operation Valkyrie", the attempt to kill Adolph Hitler: "Rebels' Move Upset By Him, Goebbels Says" "Famous Generals Reported Slain" "Allied Radios Urge Germans To Join R... See More  

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Attempted assassination of Hitler...

Item #661878

July 23, 1944


* Adolph Hitler escapes assassination plot

* Operation Valkyrie - Loyal aides stay put

The last column of the ftpg. has: "HITLER PLEADS WITH ARMY TO REMAIN LOYAL" with a subhead. The article carries over to pg. 2 where there is a photo of Hitler with Mussolini.

This was shortly after the attempted assassination of Hitler.

The complete ... See More  

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Military newspaper printed in the jungles of New Guinea...

Item #649247

October 06, 1945

GUINEA GOLD, "Australian Edition", Oct. 6, 1945  On November 19, 1942, Australian and U.S. troops fighting Japanese invaders in the New Guinea jungle read the first issue of "Guinea Gold", a unique four-page Australian army newspaper which day after day thereafter published a record number of world scoops. It was able to do so because U.S. General Douglas MacArthur, Sup
... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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John F. Kennedy assassinated...

Item #649230

November 22, 1963

ORLANDO EVENING STAR--EXTRA, Florida, November 22, 1963  Certainly to go down in history as one of the more memorable events of the 20th century, this newspaper has a bold banner headline proclaiming the tragedy: "PRESIDENT SLAIN" with the subhead reading: "Suspect Seized After Cop Shot".

All the text on the ftpg. deals with the Kennedy assassination & also includes a... See More  

Item from Catalog 303 (released for February, 2021)...

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One of the best Kennedy assassination newspapers to be had...

Item #649296

November 23, 1963

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Nov. 23, 1963  A quite rare & extremely desirable newspaper with a first report on John F. Kennedy's assassination, from the city where it happened.

The two line bold banner headline proclaims: "KENNEDY SLAIN ON DALLAS STREET" with subhead: "Johnson Becomes President", plus a rather large photo of "John F. Kennedy" and a smal
... See More  

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Two of the best Kennedy assassination issues to be had...

Item #649283

November 23, 1963

Here is a terrific pair of issues on the assassination of John F. Kennedy from the city where it happened. Both issues are THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS from Texas.

Note: While we do offer each of these issues as stand-alone items, purchasing them as a set will enable you to take advantage of a discounted price.

You get the November 23, 1963 edition which is a quite rare & extremely desirable ne... See More  

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Dallas newspaper on the shooting of Oswald...

Item #649295

November 25, 1963

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Dallas, Texas, November 25, 1963  Terrific and most unusual issue, as the entire front page--save for the banner headline: "Night Club Man Kills Oswald -- John F. Kennedy's Body Borne to Capitol" is taken up with a huge photo showing Jack Ruby thrusting his pistol forward in the direction of Oswald and others, a split second before Oswald was shot.

... See More  

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John Wilcock on Andy Warhol... Jules Feifer,,,

Item #664308

May 06, 1965

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, May 6, 1965

Starting on page five is a comprehensive article by John Wilcock on Andy Warhol, which takes multiple pages: "The Detached Cool Of Andy Warhol." Some consider this article as a classic, and foundational in regards to his later work on Warhol.

Page 4 has an intriguing cartoon by Jules Feiffer depicting a group of white men pa... See More  

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HAIR (the musical) - Rare Pre-Broadway Ad... "Village Voice"...

Item #662401

October 19, 1967

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, October 19, 1967

* A extremely rare ad for the Broadway Hit - "HAIR" - prior to making it to Broadway

* The Public Theater - Greenwich, in the Village's own iconic newspaper

Prior to making it to Broadway and becoming one of the most famous musicals to hit the stage, the musical "Hair" appeared off-Broadway at The Publi... See More  

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H. Rap Brown...

Review and Ad for HAIR (the musical) - Off-Broadway (pre-Broadway)... "Village Voice"...

Item #664340

November 02, 1967

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, November 2, 1967

* A great pre-Broadway review of "Hair" which includes a rare ad from prior to making it to Broadway

* The Public Theater - Greenwich, in the Village's own iconic newspaper

* Feature on H. Rap Brown

Prior to making it to Broadway and becoming one of the most famous musicals to hit the stage, the musical "Ha... See More  

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Rare advertisement for the Woodstock Music Festival, and in the Village Voice...

Item #662273

August 14, 1969

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, August 14, 1969 

* Woodstock music festival on Max Yasgur's farm

* Original advertisement from a counterculture publication

* 50th anniversary this year (2019)

A significant newspaper on the Woodstock Music Festival.

It is worth noting that "The Village Voice" was an American news and culture paper, known for being the co... See More  

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Post-Woodstock - letters to the editor - Joan Baez feature article...

Item #664302

August 28, 1969

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, August 28, 1969  One week after their review of Woodstock, they posted a number of "letter's to the editor" which provide wonderful, 1st-hand glimpses into this famous, era-defining event. The included images show a number of the letters in their entirety. See images for details. Also included is a great, lengthy, feature article o... See More  

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Shirley Temple Black is appointed to the United Nations...

Item #661544

August 30, 1969

THE RUSSELL DAILY NEWS, Russell, Kansas, August 30, 1969

* Child actress Shirley Temple Black

* Appointed to United Nations General Assembly

* President Richard Nixon

 The front page carries a one column, two line headline "Nixon Appoints Shirley Black". The text begins: "Shirley Temple Black, a curly-haired movie moppet turned suburban housewife and ardent Republican, ... See More  

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The Philly Folk Festival...

Mary Breasted article re: feminism...

Item #664375

September 03, 1970

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, September 3, 1970

Starting on the front page is a noteworthy article on feminism written by Mary Breasted: "Woman on the March: 'We're a Movement Now!'", which continues on multiple inside pages. In 2018 The Village Voice made this the introductory article on their piece: "On the Front Lines of Feminism: Classic Articles... See More  

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The death of Harry Truman...

Item #665331

December 27, 1972

DAILY NEWS, New York, December 27, 1972 

* Death of President Harry Truman

Full front page banner headline that reads "TRUMAN DIES",  with a picture of his daughter Margaret and his wife Bess.  This issue also includes the following front page coverage: "And The Nation Mourns", "Bombing Resumes; Hanoi Evacuated", and much more inside!  This i... See More  

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Yiddishkeit and revolution...

Bob Dylan returns with The Band for a two-month tour...

Item #664310

January 10, 1974

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, January 10, 1974

After taking an 8-year hiatus from touring, Bob Dylan came out of his unofficial touring retirement to team up with The Band for a two-month tour. This issue features a lengthy review of his premier performance which took place in Chicago: "Bob Dylan's opening night - Most Likely he'll go his way."

. A few mon... See More  

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Yankees sign Catfish Hunter...

Item #665332

January 01, 1975

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 1, 1975

* Catfish Hunter signs

* New York Yankees

The front page has a three column photo with heading: "Yankees Sign Catfish Hunter In Record $3.75-Million Deal"

1st report coverage on the New York Yankees signing pitching star, Catfish Hunter, making him the highest paid pitcher at the time. Great to have in this famous NYC title and on the front p... See More  

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Patty Hearst and the SLA...

Item #661661

September 19, 1975

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Sept. 19, 1975 

* Patty Hearst, convicted bank robber, captured

* Newspaper heiress, socialite, actress & kidnap victim

The headline announces: "PATTY HEARST, HARRISES CAPTURED" with a subhead: "SLA Fugitives Seized without a Fight in S.F." Patty Hearst was the granddaughter of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst who in 1974 gained noto... See More  

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Bella Abzug and The Woman's Movement... Sylvia Awards by Arthur Bell...

Item #664315

December 22, 1975

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, December 22, 1975

The front page tells of a multi-page article written by Bella S. Abzug, the "Battling Bella", which begins on page 33: "The Women's Movement Is Still Moving."  The article includes a photo of her and is captioned: "Bella tells: This isn't the time for women to disband in favor of a 'textb... See More  

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Stanley Kubrick and Barbara Streisand...

Item #664196

February 08, 1976

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, February 8, 1976

This issue has two feature articles which begin on the front page: "Kubrick: The Dazzle Minus the Razzle", which includes a photos, and "Hello, Handel! Barbra Waxes Classical", with inside photos. It's especially nice to have the latter in the newspaper from where Barbra Streisand gained her fame. See image... See More  

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Lou Reed... First solo act and review - in Greenwich Village...

Item #664224

July 31, 1977

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, Jan. 25 and Feb. 1, 1973 (a 2-issue set)

* Lou Reed - "Walk on the Wild Side" fame

* 1st solo performance and review

* two-issue set

The January issue has a full-page ad for his 1st performance as a solo artist. The February issue has a follow-up review. Nice to have both in a newspaper from the very "village" in which he ... See More  

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Fleetwood Mac, Christopher Reeve, and James Bond, 007...

Item #664209

July 31, 1977

CALENDAR SECTION only of the Los Angeles Times, July 31, 1977

* Fleetwood Mac

* James Bond

* Superman

The inside has a great full-page ad for Fleetwood Mac's concert at The Forum, Inglewood, California. The front page has , "Superman Makes the Leap to the Screen", which includes a photo of Christopher Reeve, and "007: Still a Bondable Commodity" - both of which cont... See More  

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War on Iraq begins... In a military newspaper...

Item #649286

January 17, 1991

THE STARS AND STRIPES--EXTRA, "Authorized Unofficial Publication for the U.S. Armed Forces", Jan. 17, 1991  The bold banner headline proclaims: "WAR ERUPTS" and beneath which is: "Air Armada Hammers Iraq" with further text. The bottom half of the ftpg. is a photo of an F-15 Eagle being refueled in Saudi Arabia.

This newspaper announces the beginning of the war o... See More  

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Rabbi Menachem Schneerson's funeral...

Item #664200

June 13, 1994

LOS ANGELES TIMES, June 13, 1994

* Menachem Mendal Schneerson death funeral

* Orthodox Jewish rabbi - Jews - Judaica

The front page has a large photo with a one-column heading: "Famed Rabbi's Funeral Draws Thousands", with more on an inside page which include a small photo of him. Considerable details regarding his life are included. See images for details.

Other news of the ... See More  

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Cal Ripken breaks Lou Gehrig's record...

Item #649307

September 07, 1995

THE SUN, Baltimore, September 7, 1995  A very historic issue for the baseball collector, being the Baltimore newspaper reporting Cal Ripken's 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's record which stood for 56 years. Great headlines and photos of Ripken appear on both the front page and the 1st page of the Sports Section.

The issue is believed to be complete in multiple section... See More  

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Mark McGwire sets home run record...

Item #649220

September 08, 1998

THE ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH -- STADIUM EXTRA, September 8, 1998  This "Stadium Extra Edition" reports Mark McGwire's breaking of Roger Maris' single season home run record. This issue is unique and quite difficult to find as it was only available at the stadium. Great to have this report in a St. Louis paper.

Complete in 20 pages, nice condition, some typical ink smudging (... See More  

Item from Catalog 303 (released for February, 2021)...

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McGwire breaks Maris' home run record...

Item #649306

September 09, 1998

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, Missouri, September 9, 1998  See the photo for a terrific & very displayable headline: "JUBILATION" celebrating Mark McGwire 62nd home run of the season, breaking Roger Maris' home run record. Great to have in a St. Louis newspaper! This is the complete issue and is in very good condition with only a slight even toning.

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Cal Ripken Jr. ends the streak at 2,632...

Item #649302

September 21, 1998

THE SUN, Baltimore, September 21, 1998  This 52 page newspaper contains the report of Cal Ripken Jr. ending his famous streak of consecutive games played. The front page headline reads: "2,632 - Ripken Ends The Streak", and includes his response: "I thought about it and decided let's end it in the same place it started. In my home state. In front of the best fans in the wor... See More  

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499.19 point record gain...

Item #661533

March 17, 2000

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, New York City, March 17, 2000.  As opposed to the more negative reports which make stock market headlines collectible, here is a significant upbeat headline, and great to have it in the Wall Street Journal. The top of the front page has a report beginning: "The Dow Jones Industrials soared 499.19 points -- by far their biggest point rise ever -- as Old Economy
... See More  

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Smallest newspaper in the world...

Item #649261

January 01, 2003

VOSSA SENHORIA, Divinopolis, Brazil, 2003  A fascinating curiosity as this is the smallest newspaper in the world (as recognized by Guinness Book of Records). This monthly newspaper started in 1935 as a solution for creating a quality low-cost newspaper. Mostly in Portuguese, and containing 24 pages. Each issue is different so the issue you receive may differ from what is seen in the photo, b... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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