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The premier issue on the birth of the Texas oil industry...

Item #698385

January 11, 1901

THE HOUSTON DAILY POST, Texas, January 11, 1901

* If ever there was a single newspaper which heralded the birth of the oil industry in America, this is it.

Although discoveries were made in various locations long before this date, this discovery--to be known as Spindletop--marked the emergence of the oil industry at a time when the automobile and other industries were experiencing rapid grow... See More  

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Spindletop: the beginning of the 20th century oil boom...

Item #683018

January 12, 1901

THE HOUSTON DAILY POST, Texas, January 12, 1901 

* Discovery of oil in Beaumont, Texas

* Beginning of the Great Spindletop oil well

Although discoveries were made in various locations long before this date, this discovery--to be known as Spindletop--marked the emergence of the oil industry at a time when the automobile and other industries were experiencing rapid growth, coinciding wit... See More  

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Spindletop: birth of the modern petroleum industry...

Item #674868

January 13, 1901

HOUSTON DAILY POST, Texas, Jan. 13, 1901 

If ever there was a newspaper which heralded the birth of the oil industry in America, this is it.

Although discoveries were made in various locations long before this date, this discovery--to be known as Spindletop--marked the emergence of the oil industry at a time when the automobile and other industries were experiencing rapid growth, coinci... See More  

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Spindletop oil discovery...

Item #679354

January 17, 1901

NEW YORK TIMES, January 17, 1901  Although discoveries were made in various locations long before this date, this discovery--to be known as Spindletop--marked the emergence of the oil industry at a time when the automobile and other industries were experiencing rapid growth, coinciding with the need for this new product.

The discovery of oil in Beaumont, Texas, was the beginning of the oil i... See More  

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Small newspaper from an Alaska mining town...

Item #702907

July 04, 1901

ALASKA FORUM, Rampart, Alaska, July 4, 1901 

* Yukon-Koyukuk

* Klondike gold rush era

* Very rare publication

This is the volume 1, number 41 issue of a newspaper from this mining town which lasted only until 1906. Gregory (Union List of American Newspapers) notes that only the Alaska Historical Society has scattered issues of this title and they do not have this date.

Various local ... See More  

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Dramatic issue on the San Francisco earthquake...

Item #678530

April 18, 1906

OAKLAND HERALD--3:30 Edition, April 18, 1906 

* 1906 San Francisco earthquake

* Early 1st report on same day it happened

A quite rare newspaper, as not only is this not the more famous (and more common) San Francisco CALL-CHRONICLE-EXAMINER newspaper of April 19 but it is a day earlier yet equally as dramatic. Remember that Oakland is just across the bay from San Francisco.

The bold, ... See More  

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Best San Francisco earthquake issue to be had...

Item #682248

April 19, 1906

THE CALL-CHRONICLE-EXAMINER, San Francisco, California, April 19, 1906  

* Best San Francisco earthquake issue to be had

This newspaper is destined to be--if not already--one of the premiere issues of the early 20th century.

See the photos for the great headlines and reports found not only on the front page but on all four pages.

Due to the destruction of the presses in San Francisco,... See More  

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Jim Thorpe at the 1912 Olympics...

Item #695620

July 19, 1912

VALLEY SENTINEL, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, July 19, 1912 

* Jim Thorpe wins Olympic gold medal

* Decathlon - Stockholm Summer Olympic

* Best publication to be had (very rare)

Although legendary athlete Jim Thorpe was born & grew up in Oklahoma, he has very close ties with the city of Carlisle. It was in 1904 when Thorpe attended the Carlisle Indian Industrial School that his incredi... See More  

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Knute Rockne named Notre Dame coach...

Item #676628

February 21, 1918

NEW YORK TIMES, February 21, 1918  Here is a terrific report for any Notre Dame fan. A small one column headlines near the bottom of page 12 announces: "NEW NOTRE DAME COACH" "Rockne Appointed to Succeed Harper as Athletic Director" which tells of the hiring of Knute Rockne as the new coach for the Fighting Irish. Rockne would put Notre Dame on the map as a football powerh... See More  

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Significant in Coca Cola history... The company is sold...

Item #680677

August 22, 1919


* Coca Cola goes public - very historic!

* Asa Candler - best publication to be had (very rare)

This issue features as a banner headline one of the more historic moments in the history of the Coca-Cola Company, when Asa Chandler, the man who bought the original formula from founder John Pemberton and propelled the company to national p
... See More  

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Chicago 'Black Sox': the entire 1919 World Series....

Item #697216

October 02, 1919

NEW YORK TIMES, a complete set of all 8 games of the infamous 1919 Major League Baseball World Series between the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds, to become known as the "Black Sox" series due to the alleged corruption of the White Sox team to throw the series.

This set has dates October 2 through 10, a consecutive run of nine issues.

October 2: ftpg. column heads: "
... See More  

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"Black Sox" scandal players are indicted...

Item #690227

September 29, 1920

NEW YORK TIMES, September 29, 1920 

* Chicago White "Black" Sox

* World Series Scandal breaks

* Players suspended from team

* Pitcher Eddie Cicotte

* Shoeless Joe Jackson

The front page features one of the more infamous & noteworthy headlines in the world of professional baseball, announcing the indictment of eight players in the 1919 World Series betting scandal.

The... See More  

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One of the best headlines on the "Black Sox" scandal to be had...

Item #683783

September 29, 1920


* Chicago White "Black" Sox - players suspended

* World Series Scandal breaks

* Best publication to be had (extremely rare)

Among the most desired reports in all of baseball history are those covering the infamous "Black Sox" World Series scandal of 1919, in which players of the Chicago White Sox were accused of gambling on th... See More  

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Ruth slams 3 homers in one World Series game...

Item #681343

October 07, 1926

ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL, Pennsylvania, Oct. 7, 1926

* Babe Ruth hits 3 home runs

* World Series of baseball

* New York Yankees

 In the annals of World Series history one of the outstanding events remains Babe Ruth hitting three home runs in the fourth game of the 1926 World Series. That event is reported in this issue.

Of significance--and not commonly found--is the great front page c... See More  

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On the 1929 stock market crash, in the New York Times...

Item #684984

October 23, 1929

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 23, 1929 

* Stock market crash of 1929 begins

* Eve of the initial great selling spree

The stock market crash of 1929 did much to define America for the next decade, resulting in the Great Depression and all the trauma relating to it. It seemed common for many newspapers to put a positive spin on the on-going tragedy, so front page reports often conflicted w... See More  

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The legendary "called shot" home run by Babe Ruth, in a Chicago newspaper...

Item #655718

October 02, 1932


* Babe Ruth's called shot (first report)

* New York Yankees World Series (game 3)

* Chicago Cubs - Wrigley Field

* Best title to be had - very rare

This could well be the most desired newspaper in baseball history. This edition reports the famous Babe Ruth "called shot" home run in the 1932 World Series.

As a bit of background, ... See More  

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First use of the popular term "Ivy League"...

Item #698511

February 07, 1935

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, Boston, Feb. 7, 1935  Page 6 contains a rather mundane, one-column article headed: "Brown Seems to Have Been Taken Into 'Ivy League' " but it is significant for being the very first use of the term "Ivy League" to appear anywhere.

Wikipedia notes in part: "The first known instance of the term Ivy League being used appeared in Th... See More  

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

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'Oh, the humanity!'... The Hindenburg explosion...

Item #683943

May 07, 1937


* Hindenburg airship disaster

* Lakehurst NJ New Jersey

* Nice headline & photos for display

This is one of the better Hindenburg explosion issues we have offered.

See the photos for the dramatic, from page featuring the iconic photograph taken within seconds of the initial explosion showing the large ball of flames with the Hindenburg yet to h... See More  

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Very dramatic on the Hindenburg disaster...

Item #682381

May 07, 1937

THE SEATTLE DAILY TIMES--EXTRA, Washington, May 7, 1937 

* Hindenburg airship disaster

* Lakehurst NJ New Jersey

* Nice photos for display

One of the more dramatic issues on the Hindenburg tragedy.

Above the masthead is: "SABOTAGE HINT IN ZEP BLAST ! " with a huge and very dramatic photo headed: "THE HINDENBURG IN FLAMES". The ftpg. subhead: "30 Dead Or Missi... See More  

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Terrific issue on the Hindenburg tragedy...

Item #698116

May 07, 1937


* Hindenburg airship disaster

* Lakehurst NJ New Jersey

* Great headline for display

One of the very best, dramatic banner headlines we have offered on this historic catastrophe: "DIRIGIBLE HINDENBURG EXPLODES, 90 KILLED". A large front page photo shows the Hindenburg over the New York skyline, headed: "Giant Airliner That Fe... See More  

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Death of famed actress Jean Harlow...

Item #702902

June 08, 1937

SAN FRANCISCO CHRTONICLE, California, June 8, 1937 

* Actress Jean Harlow death (1st report)

* 1930's sex symbol - Blonde bombshell

The top of the front page has a photo headed: "HER UNPLAYED ROLE - Death Rewrote Her Script", which is followed by the related article: Death Ends Career of Jean Harlow. She was 26 years old. The article includes in part: "Jean Harlow, t... See More  

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Notable cartoon on the plight of Jewish refugees...

Item #679880

July 03, 1938

NEW YORK TIMES, July 3, 1938 

* Jewish refugees political cartoon

* Escaping Adolph Hitler & Nazi Germany

The top of an inside page (E-3) has a very notable political cartoon concerning the plight of Jewish refugees trying to flee Nazi Germany, notable enough that it is a feature display in the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

This cartoon was created in anticipation... See More  

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Hometown newspaper reports: Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak begins, is established, and ends...

Item #698562

July 18, 1941

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, a trio of issues for May 16, July 17 and 18, 1941  The sports page of May 16 has a report on the game with the Chicago White Sox, noting a 13-1 defeat, but also including the box score which shows Joe DiMaggio had a hit. Also a neat subhead noting: "Joe Singles", likely because Joe is from San Francisco.

Who would have known this game would be the beginning... See More  

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

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Terrific Honolulu newspaper, one day after Pearl Harbor...

Item #698121

December 08, 1941


* Attack on Pearl Harbor

* U.S. to enter World War II

* Best publication to be had

Fully one-third of the newspaper, above the masthead, is taken up with a dramatic three line banner headline: "SABOTEURS LAND HERE !  Britain, Australia Declare War ! " with various related subheads as well including: "Raiders Return In Dawn A... See More  

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Broadside declaration of the war's end...

Item #680430

May 08, 1945

THE STAR, Guernsey (Channel Islands), May 8, 1945 

* Great broadside on end of World War II

* Nazi occupied island is liberated

This English-speaking island in the English Channel was under Nazi control during World War II. This is a broadside issue (a single sheet printed on the front only; back is blank), of larger size than this newspaper typically published.

It is printed in broad... See More  

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An incredible display issue on the end of World War II...

Item #672620

August 14, 1945

THE WILMINGTON NEWS--EXTRA, North Carolina, August 14, 1945

* World War II ends

* Japanese surrenders

* Terrific headline for display

When it comes to huge, screaming headlines on the end of World War II they can't possibly get much better than this.

Taking about three-quarters of the front page, in letters 8 1/4 and 4 7/8 inches high, is: "JAPS QUIT ! " with subhead: "... See More  

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Death of Henry Ford, in a Detroit newspaper...

Item #681492

April 08, 1947


* Henry Ford death (1st report)

* Automobile pioneer - Detroit, Michigan

* Best publication to be had (very rare)

When it comes to collect death reports of famous personages, not only would Henry Ford rank among the top of non-politicians, but the report in a Detroit newspaper is about as good as it gets.

The headline is quite bold, announcing... See More  

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James Dean... one of the best to be had on the iconic teen actor...

Item #692762

September 29, 1955


* James Dean's "Rebel Without a Cause" advertisement

* Perhaps the best to be had on the iconic teen actor

* One month prior to it's premiere debut in America

James Dean remains a cultural icon of the troubled & struggling teen from the 1950's, and his aura only increased when he died young in a car crash on September 30,... See More  

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Two of the best Kennedy assassination issues to be had...

Item #649283

November 23, 1963

(2) THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Nov. 23 & 25, 1963  A terrific pair of issues on the assassination of John F. Kennedy from the city where it happened.

Note: While we do offer each of these issues as stand-alone items, purchasing them as a set will enable you to take advantage of a discounted price.

Described separately...

First, you get the November 23, 1963 edition which is a quite rare ... See More  

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

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Bob Dylan transitions from acoustic to electric: his Forest Hills concert...

Item #684584

September 02, 1965

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, Sept. 2, 1965 

* Bob Dylan & his electric guitar

* His famous Forest Hills concert

The front page features a photo of Bob Dylan captioned: "Dylan Stirred Up Forrest Hills". Also on the ftpg, & concluding inside, is a detailed account of the Dylan's very notable & controversial performance at Forest Hills of just 5 days earlier. Por... See More  

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The six issue set on the life of Bob Dylan...

Item #698556

March 20, 1969

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York  A six issue set of issues containing the entire series of six articles on the life & career of Bob Dylan. The dates are March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17 and 24, 1969.

All are authored by Toby Thompson when he traveled to Dylan's hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota. Each of the articles have a subtitle: "A Good Family Boy" "Join the Elvis Rebellion&... See More  

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

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Neil Armstrong steps on the moon in 1969...

Item #674380

July 21, 1969

WAPAKONETA DAILY NEWS, Ohio, July 21, 1969

* Best issue to have on this historic event ?

* Neil Armstrong's hometown newspaper

A great issue on this significant event as this newspaper is from Neil Armstrong's hometown. Typically issues of this date carried a headline "Man Walks On Moon" but this hometown newspaper personalized the report honoring their local hero with: &q... See More  

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Village Voice reports on the "Festival For Peace" - Janis Joplin's last public performance...

Item #698429

August 13, 1970

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, August 13, 1970  A significant newspaper on the historic "Festival For Peace" concert at Shea Stadium.

The front page has a photo of the festival, and an article/review which begins on page 40, under "RIFFS" has "DANGER: MUSIC FOR PEACE", and includes a photo of Janis Joplin. The article continues on the opposing p... See More  

Item from Catalog 342 (released for May, 2024)

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Microsoft reveals "WINDOWS" to the world...

Item #678586

November 11, 1983

LOS ANGELES TIMES, November 11, 1983

* Microsoft reveals "WINDOWS" to the world

* View multiple programs simultaneously

* Historic in the world of personal computers

The front page of the Business Section has the historic unveiling of Microsoft's new "WINDOWS" operating system: "Microsoft Joins 'Multiprogram' Product Field", which is continued... See More  

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