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Great 1867 HOP PICKING Beer 20 X 26 Inch COLOR Illustration Illustrated PRINT

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SUPPLEMENT TO THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Oct. 5, 1867 This is a terrific and quite rare full color print captioned: "Hop Picking". This foldout has an image measuring 16 1/4 by 21 3/4 inches, with the entire print with borders measuring 20 1/2 by 26 3/4 inches. This print is rarely available as it was typically removed from the volumes years ago, and even when found the condition is often very poor from having been folded and unfolded many times. The condition of this print is very nice. There are a few archival repairs to the reverse for strengthening at the folds, plus a repair (from the reverse to a portion of the left margin. Generally in very nice, clean condition. There is some "ghost" effect to the bottom margin being offsetting from the image from having been folded aga... See More  

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