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THE BLUE AND THE GRAY (Civil War) Francis Miles Finch 1st Printing 1867 Magazine

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Shown is an original & historic old newspaper, offered to enhance your collectible interest: THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY, (Boston), September, 1867 * Francis Miles Finch * The Blue and the Gray * 1st printing (nationally) This literary magazine contains the *first nationally distributed printing of the famous Civil War themed poem by Francis Miles Finch, "The Blue and the Gray." The preface to the poem is a quote from the New York Tribune, providing context: "The women of Columbus, Mississippi, animated by nobler sentiments than are many of their sisters, have shown themselves impartial in their offerings made to the memory of the dead. They strewed flowers alike on the graves of the Confederate and of the National soldiers." See the images for the full text of this touching verse. O... See More  

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