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1958 Atlas 10B launching...

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December 19, 1958

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Phoenix, December 19, 1958

* Atlas missile launching
* 1st voice relay satellite
* 1st object visible w/ naked eye

The front page has a nice banner headline: "U.S. ATLAS IN ORBIT; BIGGEST SATELLITE YET" with subheads and folur related photos. Nice for display.
Complete with 48 pages, small binding holes along the spine/2st column, nice condition.

wikipedia notes: On 18 December 1958, the launch of Atlas 10B sent the missile into orbit around the Earth (without use of an upper stage) carrying the "SCORE" (Signal Communications by Orbiting Relay Equipment) communications payload. Atlas 10B/SCORE, at 8,750 lb (3,970 kg) was the heaviest man-made object then in orbit, the first voice relay satellite, and the first man-made object in space easily visible to the naked eye due to the large, mirror-polished stainless steel tank. This was the first flight in what would be a long career for the Atlas as a satellite launcher. Many retired Atlas ICBMs would be used as launch vehicles, most with an added spin-stabilized solid rocket motor upper stage for polar orbit military payloads.

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