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Dr. Edward Jenner and his work in finding a cure for smallpox...

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November 7, 1801

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Nov. 7, 1801  A very significant medical issue, as the front pate has over a full column letter headed: "On The Origin of the Vaccine Innoculation which is a letter writen by the famed Dr. Edward Jenner.
It has an: 'Introduction" which notes: "I am induced to give the following concise 'History Of The Origin of Vaccine Inoculation' from my frequently observing that those who only consider the subject cursorily, confound  the casual Cow Pow with the disease when excited by inoculation. Edward Jenner." which is dated from London, May 6, 1801.
The lengthy letter which follows gives great detail on Jenner's experimentation concerning smallpox, and even mentions the significant & successful test with the Phipps boy, which can be verified in various websites concerning the smallpox vaccine.
Four pages, some dirtiness to an upper quadrant not close to the mentioned report, otherwise nice condition.

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