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Three Great Plague items... A ship arrives from Virginia...

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October 25, 1666

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Oct. 25, 1666  A front page report from "Deale" mentions in part that: "...This day arrived a Vessel from Virginia of 300 Tuns." And, with regard to the Plague, it reports: "This Town is, God be praised, in a good condition of health; and begins again to fill with Inhabitants."
On the reverse is a report concerning the impact of the Plague: "The Infection being so much spread about the Town of Battel in Sussex, though the Inhabitants thereof (thanks be to God) continue as yet free from it; It is thought fit, for the prevention of its farther spreading, to give timely Notice to all Persons, That their Fair, usually kept on the 11th of November, is not to be kept this Year."
At the bottom of the second column is the weekly report on the death count from the Plague: "The Account of the Weekly Bill runs thus. Buried of All Diseases, 210. Of the Plague, 16. Decreased in the whole, 28. where of the Plague, 8."
Complete as a single sheet newspaper, 7 by 11 inches, in very nice, clean condition.

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