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MacArthur: "I shall return"...

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March 21, 1942

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, March 21, 1942  One of the front page headlines reads: "Australia Gives MacArthur Wild Welcome" after his departure from the Philippines, with the first column head: "General Vows To Do His Best; Throng Cheers"
The report is from an interview with General Douglas MacArthur, supreme Allied commander in the Southwest Pacific. Under a subhead of: "Ordered to Attack Japs" MacArthur states: "...The President of the United States ordered me to break thru the Japanese lines & to proceed from Corregidor to Australia for the purpose...or organizing the American offensive against Jana. The primary purpose of this is the relief of [carries over to page 3] the Philippines. I came thru and I shall return." with more. And he did.
This is one of the more famous utterances of the World War II era.
Note: History notes that March 20 was the date of his famous quote.
The complete issue with 32 pages, small binding holes at the blank spine, very nice condition.

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