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Virginia newspaper with the historic Suffolk Resolves...

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October 6, 1774

THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE, Williamsburg, October 6, 1774  This newspaper was published by John Pinkney, a distinction to be made since there were three newspapers of this title printed in Williamsburg during the early period of the Revolutionary War. Pinkney continued this title which just months prior was published by Virginia's first woman printer, Clementina Rind, noting in the masthead: "Printed by John Pinkney, For The Benefit Of Clementina Rind's Children." A very rare opportunity for a scarce title from colonial Virginia, as any experienced collector is aware.
An exceedingly historic and important newspaper, as pages 2 and 3 contain the complete text of what we now know as the Suffolk Resolves.
This was perhaps most famous of many meetings in the colonies which vigorously protested the Intolerable Acts enacted by the British Parliament.
Because representative provincial government had been dissolved in Massachusetts, delegates from Boston and neighboring towns in Suffolk county met at Dedham and later at Milton to declare their refusal to obey either the acts or the officials responsible for them. They urged fellow citizens to cease paying taxes or trading with Britain and to undertake militia drill each week. Passed unanimously, the Resolves were carried by Paul Revere to Philadelphia, where they were endorsed by the First Continental Congress word for word. This document is considered a step towards the Declaration of Independence, and as such its author, Joseph Warren (killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill) could be justified as being named among the American Founders.
Of particular significance is that an original manuscript of the Suffolk Resolves is not known. Wording comes entirely from the published newspaper accounts. Note that the text was approved by the First Continental Congress--held in Philadelphia--on September 17. All 19 points are included.
As if this was not sufficient for one issue, over one-third of page 2 is taken up with a report of a committee from Mass. concerning the: "...late Act of the British parliament, entitled 'An Act for the Better Regulating the Government of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England'..." which was one of the four hated Intolerable Acts. The committee notes in part: "...whether by a submission to some late acts of the parliament of Great Britain we are contented to be the most abject slaves, and entail that slavery on posterity after us, or by a manly, joint, and virtuous opposition assert and support our freedom...". It includes a lengthy list of Resolves (see for portions).
Four pages, very handsome & ornate engraving in the masthead, various stray ink marks on pages 2 and 3 (issue was likely used as an early ink blotter) deter but do not cause loss of readability, otherwise in very nice condition.

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