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Virginia newspaper: famous tarring & feathering incident, and so much more...

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April 15, 1775

THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE, Williamsburg, April 15, 1775  This newspaper was published by Dixon & Hunter, a distinction to be made since there were three newspapers of this title printed in Williamsburg during the early period of the Revolutionary War. A very rare opportunity for a scarce title from colonial Virginia, as any experienced collector is aware.
The bottom of the ftpg. has an item mentioning: "The committee of Orange County...that the Rev. Mr. John Wingate had in his possession several pamphlets containing very obnoxious reflections on the Continental Congress & their proceedings..." carrying over to pg. 2 which has: "...Resolved, that as a collection of the most audacious insults on that august body (The Grand Continental Congress) & their proceedings, and also on the several colonies...the most impudent falsehoods & malicious artifices to excite divisions among the friends of America, they deserved to be publicly burnt as a testimony of the committee's detestation and abhorrence...Which sentence was speedily executed in the presence of the Independent Company & other respectable inhabitants..." with more.
A pg. 2 item has: "Of all the American papers given into the House of Commons by Lord North, none appeared so obnoxious to government as that stiled 'A League and Covenant', and it is said the crown lawyers have given it as their opinion that all the Bostonians who signed it have committed an overt act of high treason."

Another pg. 2 item expresses concerning for relations with America when so much of their exports go to the colonies (see). Another item has: "...desired to present a petition...set forth, 'that they (the petitioners) desired the laws against America might be put in force so as to bring the Americans to a speedy sense of their duty, and that Great Britain would exert her authority." with mention of Ben Franklin as well. 
There is also a very nice, nearly full-column article: "The Debate in the House of Lords Upon the Motion for Withdrawing the Troops from Boston". And also a "...Remonstrance was Presented to his Excellency General Gage" noting: "...that on the 8th of this instant (March) one Thomas Ditson, an inhabitant of the said town of Billerica, was tarred and feathered & very much abused by a party of his Majesty's 47th regiment...". This is a quite famous account of tarring & feathering with several websites devoted to the case of Thomas Ditson (see). There is even a verse in 'Yankee Doodle" about him.
Also: "It is sufficiently unhappy for us, that we find troops quartered among us for the purpose of enforcing obedience to acts of Parliament of Great Britain, in the highest sense iniquitous, cruel, and unjust It is still more unhappy of these troops...should pour in additional insult, and be guilty of the most brutal outrages..." and more.
A report from Glasgow begins; "American affairs seem to wear a very gloomy aspect..." and then: "Great preparations are making by the Ministry to reduce the Americans to obedience. All meetings are to be deemed high treason..." with more.
Four pages, untrimmed margins, very ornate & displayable masthead, very nice condition.

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