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"Uncle Tom's Cabin" - Charles Dickens shares his thoughts...

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November 10, 1852

NEW-YORK DAILY TIMES, November 10, 1852

* Charles Dickens review of Harriet Beecher  Stowe's, "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
* Article from Charles Dickens' own publication

Most are aware "Uncle Tom's Cabin", upon its release, was embraced by abolitionists but enraged most of those from the South and Northern supporters of slavery. However, few are aware that it was exceeding popular in England - the first London edition appearing in May, 1852, which sold over 200,000 copies (an amazing number for the era). Only a few month's after its release, the renowned Charles Dickens weighed in with his own thoughts (coupled with those of Henry Morley) in the September 18, 1852 of his own publication, Household Words. It was the leading entry under the title, "NORTH AMERICAN SLAVERY," and absorbed over 10 columns of text. Not everything appearing in Household Words was penned by Dicken's, but Dicken's Journals Online provides a detailed analysis as to which portions were Dickens' and which were Morlay's. 

The New-York Daily Times reprinted this article in its entirety on page 3 of its November 10, 1852 issue - taking a little more than 3 columns. Although it is not known for certain, this may very well be the 1st American printing of his review.

Great to have this early, contemporary review of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," by such a notable and respected writer/thinker of the period, in an American newspaper.

Other news of the day and period advertising are also present. See images for details.

This is an 8 page issue, and although the article is in very good condition, the issue itself has numerous, clean, archival mends and stains throughout - none of which impact the key article.

Note: This was a weekly journal which was conducted by Charles Dickens as noted in the masthead. This magazine has mainly literary reading (stories, poems etc.), some by Charles Dickens himself.

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