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Seducing the Hessians to the American cause... Washington a coward....

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September 10, 1777

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, Sept. 10, 1777  Page 2 has a report from Newport, Rhode Island, concerning a military encounter in the vicinity (see). This is followed by a report from New York, which includes: "...a convincing proof of the insidious mean stratagems which have been used by the leaders of the Rebel army to seduce the faithful Hessians from their allegiance: " and what follows is a letter which offers such proof (see). Elsewhere is: "...a great part of Gen. Washington's army has laid down their arms and returned home to their habitations; and it is further said that most of the French officers in the service of America are embarked on board a French ship of war at New York...And that Washington, on the above occasion, addressed them with a florid speech previous to their departure, inviting them to continue in the service  offering them great rewards, but it was to no effect...is it confidently asserted that General Sir William Howe is in possession of Philadelphia..." and "The success of General Burgoyne in taking Ticonderoga has much dispirited some folks here..." (see).
Page 3 has additional war-related reports including: "From 1000 to 2000 Indians are preparing to go on an expedition over lake Ontario to attack the rebel forts on their back settlements, & with the Indians to join General Howe near New York...all naked and painted red and black...continuing the war-yell during the action...". Another lengthy report includes: "...reigning powers in...Charleston...resolved on an oath of supremacy and allegiance to the free and independent States of America which every person called upon was obliged to swear to or depart the province..." and "The friends to the Americans seem in a lamentable taking, lest Gen. Burgoyne should order the Indians...to scalp all the women and children in New England...that no less than 8000 of the people called Quakers in North America have joined Government..." and: "Washington has been branded with the name of Coward because he has never yet hazarded his troops in a general action..." (see).
Four pages, folio size, some period notations in ads & margins, very nice condition.

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