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Obituary of Paul Cuffee...

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September 17, 1817

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Sept. 17, 1817  The back page contains the detailed obituary of Paul Cuffee, which states in part: "He was a descendant of Africa [African Ashanti]: But combated and overcame by the native strength of mind, and a steady adherence to principles which would have done honor to any white man, the prejudices with which the ill-starred inhabitants of the Land of his Fathers, all too generally viewed." As a Quaker businessman, sea captain, patriot, and abolitionist, he is credited with being one of the greatest merchants of his time, having helped colonize Sierra Leone, and for creating the first fully racially integrated school in Westport, Massachusetts. 
Four pages, a small piece clipped from an upper corner of the back leaf, an old tape repair at the bottom of pg. 4.

Category: Pre-Civil War

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