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Chickamauga... Much on the battle at Chattanooga...

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November 30, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Nov. 30, 1863 

* Battle of Chickamauga
* Tennessee & Georgia
* In a Confederate title

Not only is this a nice newspaper from the Confederacy, but it is from the Confederate capital.
The front page has a great wealth of war reporting, from the Confederate perspective, including: "From Northern Virginia--A Sharp Engagement on Friday--A General Battle Expected" which includes a short dispatched signed in type: R. E. Lee, General (see photos). Also "Mosby At Work--Capture of Another Yankee Train" "From Mississippi".
Of significance on the front page is: "From Chickamauga--Details Of The Battle" with a dateline of Atlanta, Nov. 27, and including: "...The city is full of conflicting rumours...our line of battle is at Chickamauga & that the men are not disheartened or disorganized...their number variously estimated at 5000 & upwards...In the attack on Lookout the enemy's loss is incomparably greater than ours..." and another report has: "...There was intense firing on Sunday & Monday...The battle began by the enemy charging Lookout, 40,000 strong..." with further details of the battle (see photos).  Following this is: "From East Tennessee" which notes: "...from Knoxville...the city is completely invested by our forces who were shelling it all day. The city, north of the railroad, has been burned by the enemy...".
The page two editorial has much pro-Confederate rhetoric, including: "...the federal government has decreed that neither rain nor mud shall prevent the Army of the Potomac from its last venture...The first blood has been drawn & the good omen has once more fallen in favour of the Confederacy...General Meade...has not displayed a spark of genius...We have the Northern accounts of the late miserable affair at Lookout Mountain...For once the Federal Generals do not claim the advantages which the Confederates were very ready to award them..." and further on is: "The position of Longstreet in East Tennessee is the subject of frequent & most anxious enquiry..." with more.
Much more on the war as well with: "The Very Latest" which includes: "...further dispatches from Thomas & Grant which confirm their victory at Lookout mountain...", and a dispatch from Grant to Halleck: "Although the battle lasted from early down till dark...I believe I am not premature in announcing a complete victory over Bragg. Lookout Mountain...& Missionary Ridge...have been carried & are now held by us." signed in type: U.S. Grant (see photos).  Also a letter from General Thomas from Chattanooga, Nov. 25, noting: "The operations of today have been more successful than yesterday. We carried Missionary Ridge...with a comparatively small loss...We will pursue the enemy in the morning...Missionary ridge was carried simultaneously at six different points." signed: George H. Thomas. More reports as well (see photos).
The fine war content continues with: "Removal of Negroes When Threatened by the Enemy" which includes a letter signed in type: Jefferson Davis. Also: "Remarkable Escape from Prison" and with smaller heads: "From Texas--The Victory by Green's Brigade" "Tennessee Bank Notes..."  "From Baton Rouge" "From the South Carolina & Georgia Coast" "General Bragg on Impressments" and more.
Complete as a single sheet newspaper with a full banner masthead, not uncommon from the South as every effort was made to conserve newsprint.

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