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Great coverage of the Scopes 'monkey' trial...

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July 21, 1925

NEW YORK TIMES, July 21, 1925 

* Scopes Monkey Trial
* Dayton, Tennessee 
* William Jennings Bryan 
* Clarence Darrow

The front page has considerable coverage of the famous John Scopes "monkey trial" with: "BRYAN, MADE WITNESS IN OPEN AIR COURT, SHAKES HIS FIST AT DARROW AMID CHEERS; APOLOGY ENDS CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS" with many subheads including: "Dramatic Scenes In Trial" "Bryan Fixes Flood's Date & Defends Johan & Joshua" "Admits Some Allegories" "Angered, He Shouts That He Is Fighting for God Against America's Greatest Atheist" "Big Crowd Watches Trial Under Trees" "Applauds Bryan's Defense of the Bible and Laughs at Sallies of Darrow" "Scientists Present Case" "Declare Teaching Would Be 'Criminally Inadequate Without Evolution'." and even more. The very detailed coverage carries over to take most of page 2 as well.
This very famous trial involved high school science teacher, John Scopes, who was accused of violating Tennessee's Butler Act which made it unlawful to teach evolution.
Complete in 48 pages, a few small binding slits along the spine, minor margin wear, generally very nice.

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