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The troubling situation in America... Rejecting the King's proposal...

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August 26, 1775

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 26, 1775  

* Early in the Revolutionary War
* King of England proposal rejected
* General Horatio Gates

Page 2 has a report noting: "...that Horatio Gates, Esq., lately appointed Adjutant General of the American forces by the Congress...He bears the character of an excellent disciplinarian and an active officer." Also a report from Newport, Rhode Island notes: "Our town is peaceable & quiet..." and a letter from Boston notes: "...by General Gage...as they will, 'tis said, before Christmas, will strike the American advocates dumb...One reason urged against accepting the conciliatory plan offered by Government to the Colonies is because troops are present & they cannot deliberate with bayonets at their breasts...much better & more true reason is the Americans think their army greatly superior to the English one...".
Near the back is a very interesting letter titled: "A plain Account of the Injuries suffered by a Fellow Subject from the Tyranny of an American Congress, for no other Crime than his being a Briton." being "The Case of Mr. James Lundin", signed by him in type (see for portions). There is also a follow up letter by Lundin as well.
There is yet more concerning the American situation with a letter from Philadelphia dated July 3, which includes in part: "...The Congress of the United Colonies have sent over...their last application to the King. It is a sober performance...it is resolute and determined. They have rejected the offer of last win, which was calculated for no other purpose but to promote disunion amongst the colonies, & through distraction & anarchy, to make way for servitude. They implore his Majesty to find some means of reconciling the differences between them & his Ministers...". Plus there is more war-related content on the back page (see for portions).
Eight pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches, some bleeding through of text, otherwise is in very good condition.

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