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Very nice issue on the Battle of Lexington & Concord...

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June 15, 1775

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, June 15, 1775 

* Battles of Lexington & Concord
* Revolutionary War begins

Page 2 has a great & very historic report concerning the battle of Lexington & Concord, in the form of a letter from an officer in the army at Boston to his friend in London, dated Apr. 20, 1775. See the photos below for the complete text, but portions include: "General Gage detached a party of the troops...to destroy a magazine of military stores which the provincials had formed at Concord...we were soon discovered upon our march & the country raised an alarm..." the latter statement being a reference to Paul Revere's ride. Included are some nice details on this first, historic battle of the Revolutionary War.
Following this is a report from New York of Apr. 23 which begins: "This day we received an express from near Boston which brings the melancholy news of an engagement between the King's troops & the provincials to the disadvantage of the former..." followed by an account of the battle, including: "That 1200 regulars marched from Boston to a place called Concord where they destroyed about 50 barrels of provisions...commanded them to lay down their arms but the provincial refusing, the King's troops fired on them & killed several..." with even more (see photos).
Another page has a nice report of Edmund Burke's speech before the House of Commons more than a month before Lexington & Concord, on "...his resolutions for a conciliation with the colonies...disputes run high relative to the propriety or impropriety of the conduct of the mother country in endeavouring to reduce her colonies to obedience by force of arms..." followed by the text of his speech. Great reading, and beginning: "America, Gentlemen say, is a noble object. It is an object well worth fighting for..." with much more (see).
A report on the back page also has some great content concerning Lexington & Concord with: "The late unhappy affair at Boston has had most amazing effects through every part of America...The whole city is arming & removing the cannon to a strong pass about 18 miles off where a camp will be formed...Our accounts from Boston are that the Provincial camp was formed; their army consists of 25,000 picked men...The General & army are basely & meanly endeavouring to throw the blame of this late affair on the people, as being the first who fired; but the proofs to the contrary are so clear & evident....except that the minute men at Lexington were ordered twice to lay down their arms & that the regulars fired over their head before they fired upon them..." with even more (see).
And there is also a report from William Franklin, gov. of New Jersey (see) in addition to another report which notes: "...as soon as we see the sword of Great Britain drawn against us, to sacrifice every New England Tory amongst us; to publish a manifesto with promises of protection & rewards to all the British troops that shall join in the cause of American liberty..." with more.
Eight pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches, lite rubbing to the front page, otherwise in very good condition.

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