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Pioneer 4 becomes 1st U.S. probe...

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March 3, 1959

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, March 3, 1959 

* Pioneer 4 becomes 1st U.S. probe 

The front page has a five column headline: "Pioneer IV Blazes New Space Trail  By The U.S." (see)
Complete issue with all 8 pages, good condition.

wikipedia notes: Pioneer 4 was a spin-stabilized spacecraft launched as part of the Pioneer program on a lunar flyby trajectory and into a heliocentric orbit making it the first U.S. probe to escape from the Earth's gravity. It carried a payload similar to Pioneer 3: a lunar radiation environment experiment using a Geiger-Müller tube detector and a lunar photography experiment. It passed within 60,000 km of the Moon's surface. However, Pioneer 4 did not come close enough to trigger its photoelectric sensor. No lunar radiation was detected. The spacecraft was still in solar orbit as of 1969.

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