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Reinhold O. Schmidt UFO abduction ?....

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November 6, 1957

EVENING CHRONICLE, Allentown, Pennsylvania, November 6, 1957

* Reinhold O. Schmidt abduction
* Contactee with extraterrestrials
* Kearney, Buffalo Co., Nebraska
* UFO - space ship - aliens

The top of the front page above the masthead has a banner headline in red lettering: "Salesman Says He Talked With Space Ship Crew" with related photo. (see) First report coverage on Reinhold O. Schmidt's UFO abduction. I suspect this report is quite rare as the famed New York Times did not report this event.
Front leaf only (pages 1 & 2), nice for display as such.

wikipedia notes: Reinhold Schmidt was a 1957 UFO "contactee" in an era that began with George Adamski in 1953. Schmidt was born and grew up in Nebraska, where he worked for most of his adult life as a reputable grain buyer and dealer. He became a contactee after telling of his experience on November 5, 1957 detailed in his book Edge of Tomorrow, when while driving through a rural area near Kearney, Nebraska, he noticed a large, cigar-shaped object resting in a field. He was soon escorted inside the space ship, which turned out to be crewed by completely human-looking space aliens, four male and two female, who apparently spoke perfect German and claimed to be from the planet Saturn. "The Saturnians" also claimed to be interested in the recently launched Russian sputniks, and the satellite-launching plans of the US.

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