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Creating the Articles of Confederation... Ben Franklin... The retreat from New York...

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December 10, 1776

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Dec. 10, 1776  Page 2 has a letter from a member of the Continental Congress beginning: "A confederation is now forming between the United States. Each state is to have an equal vote; but no question relative to peace & war, or other important matters, is to be determined by less than nine states..." with a bit more. This is a great and early item relating to the creation of the Articles of Confederation.
Another page has: "...17 transports from New York arrived here in order to convey all the women (who had been left there in the spring) belonging to the soldiery to New York...confirms the accounts already published of the congress attempting to quit their residence privately but their intentions being discovered by their army, they surrounded the house of assembly when only six of the members of the congress were to be found..." with more. Also: "...from New York...has brought over a plan from the Congress for a reconciliation with England. It is strongly reported that a truce is agreed on for two months between Lord and General Howe & Mr. Washington the American Commander in Chief, which is said to have been effected by means of Mr. Dickinson, one of the members of the Congress, in which time it was hoped matters might be amicably settled."
Also an item headed: "Continental War Office, Philadelphia" (see) followed by another item beginning: "...mandatory instructions have been sent to the Howes to prevent their making any concessions to the Americans...The Howes are commanded to listen to no demands till the rebels shall lay down their arms...".
The back page has: "An Ordinance of the State of Pennsylvania Declaring what shall be treason & for punishing the same & other crimes & practices against the State." which is signed in type by the President: B. Franklin (see). This is followed by a letter from New York which includes: "I am just come from Long Island with our two Pennsylvania battalions, all our troops having retreated since last evening except some advanced guards...The enemy had discovered our retreat when we came over. All our army in the island...came in boats...we were nearly surrounded by the enemy...Our situation was very dangerous. We think ourselves very fortunate in making a retreat." (see).
Some very historic content in this issue. Eight pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/4 inches, very nice condition.

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