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New York has been captured... "... Proof of the unanimity of the colonies"...

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November 7, 1776

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Nov. 7, 1776 

* Capture of New York City
* American Independence
* Great year to have (1776)
* Revolutionary War

An inside page contains an: "Extract of a Letter from New York" which begins: "We are at length in possession of this city, and I suppose upwards of 5000 inhabitants have remained in it who all behave themselves as yet as become good subjects..." with more (see). This is followed by a "Declaration" to the people of America signed in type by William Howe concerning giving up the cause of independence, with portions reading: "...whether it  be more consistent with their honour & happiness to offer up their lives as  a sacrifice to the unjust & precarious cause in which they are engaged, or to return to their allegiance, accept the blessing of peace, & be secured in a free enjoyment of their liberty & properties upon the true principles of the constitution." with more. Immediately following this text is: "Notwithstanding the above declaration, not a single person had acceded to the terms therein contained when the packet left New York---a certain proof of the unanimity of the Colonies." A fascinating & historic report.
Another page has an advertisement for a pamphlet published titled: "An Answer to the Declaration of the American Congress". Yet another page has further reporting on the Revolutionary War, with talk of events at Quebec, a letter from Boston which begins: "Messr. Hancock and Adams are now here & several meetings held as I am told, concerning the present posture of their affairs..." and "...it appears that General Washington had wrote to the leading men there that four of the New England regiments, on the news of the landing of the King's forces on Long Island, had formed the resolution of returning home..." with more. And the back page has nearly two full columns headed: "Debates in the House of Commons on the Declaration of Lord & General Howe, concluded" with some good content (see for portions).
Eight pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/4 inches, nice condition.

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