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American naval flag "Don't tread on me" described...

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July 18, 1776

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 18, 1776

* "Don't tread on me" naval flag
* Post Declaration of Independence
* Revolutionary War original from enemy

A terrific item on the back page has a rare description of one of the American flags used during the Revolutionary War by the colonists, the text reading: "...the colours of the American fleet were striped under the Union with 13 strokes, called the Thirteen United Colonies, and their standard a Rattle-Snake. Motto, 'Don't Tread upon me.' " I don't believe I've ever seen this description in a period newspaper before. This flag is described as the first Navy Jack, or first "Continental Navy Jack", first used in January, 1776.
Page 2 has some reports from New York which includes: "...the rendezvous... is to be at Sandy Hook about 30 miles below New York...unlucky in the loss of our ordnance ships: One was taken the other day by the rebels...a brave Lt. Harris & several seamen were killed in attempting to cut her out of King road a little below Boston." and another report includes: "We are here in great dread of this city's being soon destroyed, either by the Regulars, or by the Provincials, the forces of the latter are daily increasing...".
Half a page is taken up with a lengthy letter concerning liberty, beginning: "From the earliest ages of time, liberty has been the favourite object of mankind..." with much more (see for portions). Yet another page has a: "Copy of a Letter from an Officer under Gen. Howe..." which includes: "...are waiting for a fair wind to carry us to New York...& where we expect some opposition....in short, there is very little doubt but that we shall accomplish the business we are sent out upon before Michaelmas Day..." with more.
A back page item includes: "The Americans have been here (New Providence) and have taken the King's guns, brass mortars & other warlike store; they have also taken the Governor & two other gentlemen with them prisoners..." with more
Complete in 8 pages, 8 1/4 by 11 1/4 inches, very nice condition.

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