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Minutemen defined... A rousing ode to patriotism...

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July 13, 1776

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 11-13, 1776 

* Post Declaration of Independence
* Great month & year to have (7/1776)
* Rare period minutemen description

Great to have a date so very close to the historic 4th of July, 1776.  Page 2 has various items from America including a report of a naval engagement near Philadelphia, and "...General Lee, who is encamped near that place; his troops...are well disciplined; the General...is a very accomplished man; his regimentals are scarlet faced with green, round the collar is worked in silver "freedom to the brave" and on the cuffs "Major General of the continental army"...the town & harbour of Boston are now compleatly fortified & they have in garrison 1600 continental troops well armed & disciplined, as are also a great number of minute-men in the country, who are ready to march at an hour's notice & can be collected in a short space of time, proper alarm signals being fixed for that purpose..." with more (see). Great to have the purpose of the "minutemen" defined in a period newspaper!
Another inside page has additions items from America in letters from Philadelphia & Halifax (see). The back page has a very rousing & patriotic letter from Philadelphia which includes: "We know the language of ministerial sycophants is that independence has been always our aim. We deny it. Our independence will continue no longer than your obstinacy & cruelty. Can you blame us for this?...you rob us of our birthrights, you destroy our charters, you burn our towns & villages, you murder our wives & children...& for remonstrating against such cruelty, you are deemed rebels...if we are rebels...we are such rebels as England never before had to cope with...it is supposed that 50,000 men composed of German mercenaries, Scotch jacobites, Irish papists & the produce of your gaols are to conquer America? are to subjugate 3 million free people whose motto is "Death or Liberty" many of whom are such enthusiasts as to have those words painted on their hats, caps & jackets with their own blood..." and more.
A terrific issue in very nice condition, complete in 8 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/4 inches.

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