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Jewish Year of Jubilee convention... Harding's letter to the Jews...

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January 25, 1923

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 25, 1923 

* Jewish Year of Jubilee - Jews
* President Warren G. Harding's letter

One year after the United States Congress formally recognized Palestine to be the Jewish homeland, the Jews celebrated a Year of Jubilee. President Warren Harding sent a letter to the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in which he called for a "...restoration of religious devotion...". The text of this notable letter is printed in full on page 10.
Page 10 also has a very lengthy account of the convention of Jews held in New York City, with column heads including; "Ask Jews To Drop Yiddish And Wine" "Dr. Wise Condemns 'Jargon'--Julius Rosenwald Suggests Grape Juice for Sacraments" "Idea of Exile Discarded" "American Israel Cannot Accept 'Goluth', Says Rabbi at Jubilee Convention" "Has Largest Number of Jews Ever Gathered in One Community in World's History". This reporting on the Convention takes almost an entire page.
The front page also has an interesting article regarding girls from Oxford: Oxford Girls.
The complete issue with all 40 pages, even toning, a little margin wear, generally good. Should be handled with care.

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