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William 'Red' Hill , Sr.... Jack 'Legs' Diamond...

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May 31, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 31, 1931

* William 'Red" Hill, Sr.
* Niagara Falls & River daredevil
* Gangster Jack 'Legs' Diamond

Near the bottom of the front page is a two column heading: "'Red' Hill Shoots Niagara Rapids in Barrel; Saved by Son When Nearly Lost in Whirlpool" (see)
Page 5 has a one column heading: "DIAMOND IS TAKEN TO CATSKILL JAIL" with subheads. (see)
Other news of the day. Complete 1st section only with all 26 pages, rag edition in nice condition.

wikipedia notes: Red Hill's second trip through the Niagara rapids came on May 30, 1931, this time choosing a steel barrel. There were air holes on each side, which were plugged with cork and could be removed. The contraption weighed over 600 pounds and was painted red with gold lettering that read “William Red Hill, Master Hero of Niagara” inscribed on both sides.
Niagara River Rapids
An estimated 25,000 spectators watched Hill attempt to conquer the rapids which got off to a slow start as the barrel bobbed and bucked in the raging river for an hour and forty minutes before arriving in the lower rapids. In less than 90 seconds he had entered the mighty Whirlpool with its extremely strong currents and become trapped as his barrel violently spun in circles for more than three hours. At one point he had opened the steel hatch and tried to paddle against the current to free himself, but to no avail. It was only through the efforts of his son William "Red" Hill Jr. who swam out to the floundering barrel with a rope attached to his waist the senior Hill survived.

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