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Great Thomas Nast Santa Claus print...

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December 24, 1881

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 24, 1881 

* Thomas Nast Santa Claus wood block engraving

The full front page is a great print of the famed Thomas Nast Santa Claus print: "Caught ! " showing Santa with a child's arms around him (see). Thomas Nast is credited with creating the modern version of Santa Claus. The doublepage centerfold is also a nice Thomas Nast Christmas print, captioned: "Christmas Fancies - 'Don't You Wish You Wore Stockings?' " (see).
Other prints within include: "Electric Railway at Berlin, Prussia" "The Ring Theatre, Vienna, Recently Destroyed by Fire." "The Hon. Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, Secretary of State" "The Late John W. Forney." "Short and Sweet - 'It's Too Too Too Funny!' "  "The Interrupted Journey." The supplement contains a large print titled: "Steeple Chasing."
Complete in 16 pages, damp staining throughout (see).

Category: 1880-1889

No Longer Available