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Recalling the Boston Tea Party... Hanging Gov. Hutchinson in effigy...

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May 13, 1774


* The Hutchinson Letters Affair
* Pre Revolutionary War tensions
* re. The Boston Tea Party

The front page has a report London which relate to America and the on-going tea problems, a few bits noting: "...extracts of letters from...the several governors in America of threats & prophetic warnings to the gentlemen to whom the tea was consigned...copies of treasonable papers printed in America...are the regular official information of the different governors...As there was no outrage committed but at Boston, it would be superfluous to narrate all the incendiary scribbling & printing in the different colonies...suffice just to observe...fully larded with the phrases of 'desperate plans of despotism', 'ministerial designs to ruin their liberties', 'slavery', ...'despotic rule...". Much more ftpg. content including reference to the infamous Hutchinson Letters Affair in which Ben Franklin played a key role.
Still on the ftpg. is some very good reference to the Boston Tea Party, a report noting: "...in every colony where the tea arrived it is evident that the governors acted with the utmost prudence & circumspection. It happened that the ship bound for Boston was the first that reached her destined port...The people of Boston seem, on this occasion, to have been fairly tried...The loyal & peaceable people of that town were altogether left to the exercise of their own judgement...wantonly destroying a valuable property when all they had to do was to keep firm in their resolution not to buy or drink any of it; they will, however, pay for their outrageous pastime; they must make good the loss..." with much more (see).
Content continues on the inside with one item including: "Governor Hutchinson's settled opinion is, 'that no effort in the colonies by any body of men civil or military can remove the evils that now reign amongst them. It is Parliament, & Parliament only, which can restore that country to peace & bring order out of confusion...". Another item mentions the "...illiberal treatment of the great Dr. Franklin is despised by foreigners..." and more. The back pg. as a report concerning the hanging--in effigy--of Gov. Hutchinson, noting: "...on Gov. Hutchinson's breast was fixed the following Libel, 'Governor HUTCHINSON, whom we not consign to the gallows & flames, as the only proper Reward for double dealing and Treachery to his native Country..." with more (see). This related to the controversial Hutchinson Letters Affair.

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