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Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics...

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August 8, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 8, 1936 

* Jesse Owens shines in track & field
* Olympic games in Berlin Germany
* In front of Adolph Hitler & Third Reich

The top of the front page has: "Williams, U.S. Olympian, Takes 400 Meter Title" which begins: "Archie Williams, young California Negro, won the 400 meter run at the Olympic Games in Berlin yesterday...". The sports page has a photo of him captioned: "Archie Williams of United States beating Arthur Brown, Great Britain, in the 400 meter event." (see).
Page 7 has a banner headline: "Robertson Calls on Owens to Run on U.S. Sprint Relay Team in Race Today" which has photos of the opening ceremonies in Berlin as well as one showing: "Chancellor Hitler officially starting the event..." plus others (see). Also here are one column heads: "Owens Will Seek 4th Gold Medal" "Negro to Run on 400 Meter Relay Team to Bolster American Changes" "Olympic Hero Delighted" with much text on the reason for selecting Owens for the team (see).
Page 6 has a banner headline: "U.S. Continues to Pile Up Points in Olympics as Williams Wins 400 Meters."
A sidebar to the Olympic Games was Adolph Hitler's refusal to acknowledge the achievements of the African-American athletes, not surprising given his belief that only his superior German Aryan race would dominate at the games. This is corroborated by a sport page report in another issue which includes: "...So delighted was Chancellor Hitler  by the gallant fight that Long had made that he congratulated him privately just before he himself left the stadium. In fact, his eagerness to receive the youthful German was so great that the Fuehrer condescended to wait until his emissaries had pried Long loose from Owens, with whom he was affectionately walking along the track arm and arm. All the Negro received was his second gold medal, which probably satisfied him well enough at that...".
Complete in 28 pages, this is the "rag edition" printed on very high quality newsprint for institutional holdings. In great condition.

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