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London reports on the Great Plague of Europe...

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August 6, 1666

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Aug. 6, 1666  World history notes that 1666 was perhaps the most "dismal" year of the 17th century, as the Great Plague ravaged England & other portions of Europe but most notably the crowded city of London where it is estimated up to 100,000 people succumbed to the plague, about  20% of the city's population. But many other cities of England suffered its ravages as well. The disease was historically identified as bubonic plague. Additionally the Great Fire of London happened in 1666, in fact less than a month after the date of this newspaper.
A front page report from Norwich dated August 1 notes that: "The Bill of Mortality for this last week is thus, buried of all Diseases, 145. Where of the Plague 125. Besides at the Pesthouse 5."
And there is a second mention of the plague found at the bottom of the back page with a report from the King reading: "He is likewise graciously pleased out of His Princely care, of the good of His subjects to order in his council that Bartholomew Fair, and Sturbridge Fair be put off for this year, to prevent the spreading of the Infection, which might otherwise be occasioned by them." See the photos for both accounts.
As if this content was not sufficient, there is also front page mention of the colonies with a brief item reading: "This day arrived here the Patrick, with another Vessell under his convoy laden with timber...and intends with the first fair wind for the Downs, with the Virginia and Barbadoes fleet." (see).
Complete as a single sheet newspaper, 7 by 11 inches, in very nice, clean condition.

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