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Much fine content on the tensions between England and the colonies...

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April 22, 1775

PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, April 22, 1775 

* Colonial America
* Pre Revolutionary War tensions

The ftpg. has a short bit from London: "The present general toast is, Unanimity and Firmness to our American colonies. Upon the report that General Gage is to be recalled, his friends say, whenever he receives the news he will think it the happiest day of his life." Page 2 also has some American content including one bit noting: "The minister...the enormous expense that the American expedition will be to England say, 'On the contrary, that this kingdom will be enriched by it for he is determined that the richest & most rebellious part of the Bostonians shall not only reimburse the whole, but that it shall put our trade & commerce on a better footing than it ever was." A few other bits relating to America as well.
Page 2 has an item mentioning the pro-American newspaper published in London titled "The Crisis" noting in part: "...complained much of a paper called The Crisis, and that it contained the most infamous abuse of the Sovereign ever known, that it was in his opinion a false, scandalous, & seditious libel (the house called out treasonable)..." with a bit more (see).
Note: we may have an issue of "The Crisis" remaining in inventory. Inquire.
Another report concerns a bill for restraining commerce with the American colonies (see), and also mention of North Carolina choosing delegates to attend the Second Continental Congress.
Included with this issue is the single sheet "Supplement" of the same date. Much of this front page is taken up with: "An Authentic Copy of Lord Chatham's Proposed bill entitled 'A Provisional Act for Settling the Troubles in America & for Asserting the Supreme Legislative Authority and superintending Power of Great Britain Over the Colonies", which is terrific reading (see for portions). The back page is mostly taken up with a lengthy speech of the governor of North Carolina to his General Assembly in which he reflects upon the growing tensions between England & the colonies, and warns the residences of dire consequences, etc. (see for portions).
Much terrific reading in this issue. Complete in 6 pages including the Supplement, a few small numeric notations in the margins next to ads (this was the editor's copy), very nice condition.

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