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Pretty Boy Floyd is killed...

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October 23, 1934

NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 23, 1934 

* Charles Pretty Boy Floyd
* Public enemy No. 1 killed

The top of the front page has a 2 column head: "PRETTY BOY FLOYD SLAIN AS HE FLEES BY FEDERAL MEN" with many one column heads: "Cornered On Ohio Farm" "Melvin Purvis Leads Officers in Shooting Down Outlaw" "Bandit Falls In Flight" "Unable to Use Pistols After Ignoring Purvis's Order to Surrender" "Long Sought As Killer" "Oklahoma Desperado Blamed for Kansas City 'Massacre' in Which Five Died". There is also a one column head with a separate report: "Nelson Now Takes Place Of 'Public Enemy No. 1' " referring to "Baby Face" Nelson.
The Pretty Boy Floyd article carries over to page 2 where there is a photo of him & his accomplice & their captor, the latter being Melvin Purvis. (see)
Complete in 42 pages, this is the "rag edition" printed on very high-quality newspaper exclusively for institutions which had very long-term preservation concerns. In excellent condition and still very white due to the high quality paper.

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