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Satchel Paige... Babe Ruth...

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August 24, 1948

NEW YORK TIMES, August 24, 1948

* Satchel Paige loses bet
* Babe Ruth's kids

Page 27 has a two line, 2 column head: "Paige Pays $500 Reward to Fan Who Proved He Played Professional Baseball in 1926" An amusing article about a fan who won $500 for providing evidence that Satchel Paige played professional baseball before 1927. Paiges quip about losing the bet: "I musta slept a year somewhere"
Also of interest is a two column, front page heading: "Part of Babe Ruth's Estate Will Go to 'Kids of America'" re. his recent death.
Complete in 48 pages, rag edition in great condition.

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