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Americans against independence... Judaica item...

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February 4, 1778

THE PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER OR THE PHILADELPHIA MARKET-DAY ADVERTISER, Feb. 4, 1778  This was a strongly Tory newspaper which began in 1775 and closed shop in May of 1778 when the British evacuated Philadelphia. Rarely found today.
Over a full column on the ftpg. is taken up with a response to the prejudice against Americans, prefaced with the comments: "As it appears that some of our fellow subjects from Great Britain are come amongst us with too much prejudice against Americans in general, I think it no more than an act of justice to many of my countrymen to attempt to rescue them from the indiscriminate view of being supposed to be all in one & the same predicament..." with interesting comments following, including: "...I am an American, Mr. Printer, and I hope the name is not disgraceful; many of my countrymen have never credited the detestable doctrines which have been attempted to be forced upon them--the scheme of independency was ever despicable in their view...there have been great numbers in America who were not so stupid as to be willing to exchange the happiness of lawful government for  a scene of anarchy & misery...but this was not to be, Independency, the darling idol of a few, but the demon of destruction to the many...Good Heaven! to what a melancholy situation was my country now reduced?..." with much more (see photos), signed in type: An American. Great to have this content on the front page, and in a Tory newspaper.
Pg. 2 has an item noting: "The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania appointed...the Hon. Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris...Delegates to represent that state in Congress."
Also on pg. 2 is a report which includes: "...no less than 13...belonging to Col. Proctor's regiment of artillery in the rebel service...came in; the accounts they give of Mr. Washington's army are distressing beyond description..." a reference to the situation in Valley Forge.
Also on pg. 3 is a report beginning: "Barnard Solomon, a Jew of this city, having lately purchased several hogsheads of rum for sale under the regulations made by the Superintendent-General...has in defiance of the said Regulations sold several small quantities of run without first obtaining permission for so doing..." with more (see photos).
The back page is filled with ads, one is for the sale of Common Sense, reading in part: "Just arrived & now selling at Bell's Circulating Library...COMMON SENSE...Tracing the several causes of the present contests between the Mother Country & her American subjects, the fallacy of their prepossessions & the ingratitude & danger of them..." with more (see). Interesting having this ad in a Tory newspaper.
Complete in 4 pages, some light damp staining, numeric notations near the ads (this was the editor's copy). Nice Royal coat-of-arms engraving in the masthead.

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