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The first of the 3 historic Mendoza-Humphries boxing matches...

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January 12, 1788

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Jan. 12, 1788  Nearly half of page 7 is taken up with: "Further Particulars Relative to the Fight between Humphries and Mendoza". Daniel Mendoza was a famous Jewish boxer who transformed the English stereotype of a Jew from a weak, defenseless person into someone deserving of respect. He is said to have been the first Jew to talk to the King, George III. He was the British boxing champion from 1792-1795.
This is a terrific issue reporting on the first of the 3 famous boxing matches between the two, fought in England on Jan. 9, 1788. It was won by Humphries. Much detail, and includes a brief letter from Humphries reading: "Sir, I have done the Jew, and am in good health at this present writing. Humphries" The report includes details on the: "...origin of the dispute between the Jew and Christian boxers..." and elsewhere is: "...The Jew, in the early part of the contest, exhibited a great share of the vis comica in his aspect; for whenever his opponent missed his aim he laughed at him with a conscious superiority of this power of defence..." with much more.
A terrific account of this very historic boxing match, and in a newspaper from just 3 days after the event.
Eight pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches, very nice condition.

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