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The Queen returns from Oxford now that the Great Plague has eased...

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February 19, 1665

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Feb. 19, 1665 

* The Great Plague is Over ?
* Queen Henrietta Maria returns
* Earliest of newspapers to be had

A very early issue of the world's oldest continually published newspaper, having begun in 1665, and is still publishing today. This date is actually from 1666 as at the time they used the Julian calendar, the year changing in late March. But this is a very early newspaper being issue #28, with issues #1 thru #23 titled the "Oxford Gazette" (very rare) and published in that city where the Royal Court escaped the ravages of the Great Plague. This was just the 5th issue published upon their return to London.
The back page actually has reference to the Great Plague & the return of the Royal Court to London, with: "This afternoon Her Majesty arrived here in two dayes from Oxford, in a perfect health, to the great content and joy of this Court, having been met by His Majesty..." (see). There is also mention of the New World with a back page naval reference: "...have here 5 Holland men of War...and as we heare intend for New England, Bardado's, and New-found-land." (see photo).
A single sheet issue as was typical for the day, filled with reports from various cities throughout Europe. Measures 6 3/4 by 10 3/4 inches, a bit close-trimmed at the top of page 2 causes loss to the top line of the first column not affecting any mentioned items, very nice condition.

Category: The 1600's and 1700's

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