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April 17, 1769

THE PENNSYLVANIA CHRONICLE, AND UNIVERSAL ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, April 17, 1769  Inside has the lengthy conclusion of the "Case of Great-Britain and America, addressed to the King, and both Houses Of Parliament", which begins: "In order that taxation and representation may not be united, in America, the adversaries of America deny that they were united, in Britain." with so much more (see for the beginning). This interesting article takes nearly two pages.
Another page has a textual sketch of the "Title of the Lands at Wyoming on [the] Susquehanna River, under the Claim or Title of the Colony of Connecticut".
Under "Philadelphia" is word that a group of gentlemen met at Mr. Byrne's, to commemorate the birthday of "Paschal Paoli", famed leader of Corsica, which includes a lengthy list of the toasts given at the dinner, plus word that: "...in the Evening the Bells were set a ringing." Among the cases from the "Court of Oyer and Terminer" is one stating that: "A Woman was convicted of receiving ...Stolen Goods, and was sentenced to receive thirty-nine Lashes at the public Whipping Post, which was executed on Saturday last."
There is also a brief mention of a famous female preacher of the eighteenth century, reading: "Saturday last Mrs. Rachel Wilson, an eminent Preacher among the Friends, returned here by Land from South-Carolina." Another page is an ad: "To Be Sold, Two likely young healthy NEGRO MEN...".
This paper was a primary means in voicing the anti-British sentiment that was rapidly spreading throughout the colonies prior to the American Revolution. The paper gained much notoriety when Goddard printed an article voicing his support for the Boston Tea party. The paper's sympathies and general revolutionary message were a cause of great concern to the British. Soon the newspaper was heavily taxed for its delivery by the Crown Post (the colonial mail system in use at the time), and later the Crown Post simply refused to deliver the publication, driving the newspaper out of business in 1773. This prompted Goddard and Benjamin Franklin to establish an alternative mail system independent of the Crown Post authorities. This alternative system ultimately became the basis of a postal system that would later become the US Post Office. (Wikipedia)
Eight pages, handsome coat-of-arms engraving in the masthead, 9 1/4 by 11 1/2 inches, small piece from the blank spine margin not touching any type, very nice, clean condition.

Category: The 1600's and 1700's

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