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Virginians wish to return to the King...

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June 28, 1779

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, June 28, 1779  Page 2 has a report from Rivington's Royal Gazette of New York which includes: "...informed that the Loyalists & Indians have attacked & entirely routed a body of continental troops sent to protect the inhabitants & defend the fort & town of Wioming [Wyoming] on Susquehanna, totally destroying the fort & all the houses that had escaped the flames when it was attacked last year." This is followed by: "The same day an account was received that another party of our allies have lately attacked the town of Monbacchus, about 16 miles from Esopus [present-day Kingston, NY] entirely destroyed it...the Indian nations in general have taken up the hatchet & are marching in bodies of fifties to 300 each to attack the back settlements...find sufficient employment for the militia which Mr. Washington is with so much assiduity drafting for the ensuing campaign. Last Wednesday intelligence was brought of the evacuation of Fort du Quesne or Pittsburgh..." with more (see).
Further on is a letter from New York noting: "...from Lt. Col. Maitland giving an account...he had crossed the river Savannah & attacked the rebel army...which he put to flight...The possession of this post was of the greatest consequence on many accounts; the above troops were commanded by General Lincoln & much the best they have..." and also: "...from Savannah...confirmation of the British troops having  driven the rebel army from their advantageous post at Purysburgh & now possession in the most serene order...The rebels have retired towards Charles-Town & great numbers daily resort to the British standard..." (see).
Page 3 has a letter from Portsmouth, Virginia, which includes: "The rebels in this province seem heartily sick of what they call Independence. It is impossible to conceive the distresses the inhabitants labour under...if this post were to be maintained by the King's troops four-fifths of the people would take arms in our favour...Numbers of the Tories suffered after the evacuation of Philadelphia, which damps the ardour of many a loyal subject, that would gladly take up the arms against the Congress...there was a meeting of the friends of government at Elisabeth  Town in New Jersey to consider of a plan of reconciliation with the mother country & to free themselves from the tyranny of the congress.
Four pages, folio size, some period notations in ads & margins, nice condition.

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