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Very rare Confederate broadside: Confederates occupy Charleston (West) Virginia...

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September 14, 1862

A VERY NICE BROADSIDE (printed on one side) printed by the occupying Confederates troops as they ousted Union forces from Charleston, Virginia (present-day West Virginia).  This battle happened September 13, and the date near the bottom of this broadside is September 14, 1862.
There are two items in the broadside, the first being a great address to the citizens of that area of the state & headed: "To The People of Western Virginia" and filled with much Confederate zeal & bravado, including: "The Army of the Confederate States has come among you to expel the enemy, to rescue the people from the despotism of the counterfeit State Government imposed on you by Northern bayonets...We fight for peace and the possession of our own territory...those who persist in adhering to the cause of the public enemy & the pretended State Government he has erected at Wheeling, will be dealt with as their obstinate treachery deserves..." and further on has mentions of: "...the wanton misrule of the invader, the Commanding General expects the people heartily to sustain it not only as a duty, but as a deliverance from their taskmasters & usurpers...Your country has been reclaimed for you from the enemy by soldiers, many of whom area from the distant parts of the state & the Confederacy..." and more, signed in type by: Maj. Gen. Loring (see).
The bottom portion of the broadside is a "General Order" datelined at Charleston, Va., Sept. 14, 1862, to the military staff of the Confederate army, essentially a congratulatory letter by Major General Loring which includes in part: "...congratulates the Army on the brilliant march from the Southwest to this place in one week...successive victories over the enemy at Fayette C.H., Cotton Hill, and Charleston...you have established the laws & carried the flag of the country to the outer borders of the Confederacy...the country will remember and reward you." (see).

Authenticity note: This broadside was examined by acknowledged Civil War expert and author on the Civil War in West Virginia, Hunter Lesser. He is a collector as well. He acknowledged there were two printings of this broadside & that the second printing was previously thought to having been done after the Confederate invasion, but that recent scholarship has determined that both printings were done by the Confederate forces. It was Lesser's opinion that the broadside we offer is an example of the first printing.
We also compared our broadside with a high resolution photo of held by the Library of Congress, comparing all aspects of the type, font, embellishments, and type anomalies and find this broadside to be identical. This broadside was also done by letterpress, eliminating the possibility of an exact photo reprint of any sort.

This broadside measures 6 1/2 by 13 inches, never bound nor trimmed with very ample margins, and is in excellent condition. Only very rarely do we have the opportunity to offer a Confederate broadside, particularly one not associated with a newspaper and also one with such pro-Confederate text.

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