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Nice on the Massachusetts 54th "colored" regiment...

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June 19, 1863

THE LIBERATOR, Boston, Massachusetts, June 19, 1863 

* Wealth of great content on "negro" or "colored" Civil War troops : the Massachusetts 54th, and more. 

This is the famous anti-slavery newspaper by famed abolitionist publisher William Lloyd Garrison. The masthead features two engravings, one of a slave auction and the other showing slaves being emancipated (see).

This issue has content concerning the Massachusetts 54th Regiment. The 54th Massachusetts saw extensive federal service in the Union Army during the Civil War, being one of the first official black units in the United States military. The regiment was authorized in March, 1863, by the governor of Massachusetts, John A. Andrew, and was commanded by Colonel Robert Shaw. In 1989 a movie was made on this regiment, titled "Glory", starring Matthew Broderick.

The front page has a nice article headed: "The Fifty-Fourth Regiment" which begins: " 'There go a million of dollars!" Such was the remark of a looker-on as the 54th regiment filed by on Thursday. At first, it might have been referred to their value as 'chattels'..." with more (see). Some nice commentary on  this  famous regiment.

The issue has other good content as well, including a brief item noting: "Escort furnished by the city of Boston for the 54th and 6th regiments. Escort for the 54th Massachusetts regiment, Col. Shaw (colored)...". (see).

And there is another article headed: "Success of the Negro Regiments" which talks with much praise about the "colored" regiments, including: "...These  regiments are hardy, generous, temperate, patient, strictly obedient, possessing great natural aptitude for arms, and deeply imbued with that religious sentiment..." with much more, and ending with: "...With a brigade of liberated slaves already in the field, a few more regiments of intelligent colored men from the North would soon place this force in a condition to make extensive incursions upon the main land....no doubt the most beneficial results would arise." and signed in type by the commanding general, D. Hunter (see).

Yet another article: "Colored Troops in Pennsylvania" notes that Gov. Curtin has issued a general order stating that "colored" troops will be mustered into the service (see). The article begins: "Massacres, having but few negroes, and yet being the first of the free states (Kansas perhaps excepted) to wish to receive that class of men into the military service, invited colored men from other states also to join her Fifth-fourth Regiment..." (see).

Plus there  is also the article: "Bravery of the Negro Troops", which has comments from General Banks including: "...they answered every expectation. Their conduct was heroic. No troops could be more determined or more daring..." with more (see).

There is also an interesting article headed: " 'Stonewall' Jackson" (see). Plus there is a poem: "A Negro Volunteer Song" (see)

Great to have this content in an anti-slavery newspaper.

Complete in four pages and in nice condition save for little irregular at the left spine.

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