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Return of the "Colored" soldiers... Capture of Jeff Davis...

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September 15, 1865

THE LIBERATOR, Boston, September 15, 1865  This is the famous anti-slavery newspaper by famed abolitionist publisher William Lloyd Garrison. The masthead features two engravings, one of a slave auction and the other showing slaves being emancipated (see).
This issue contains a page 3 report of some significance concerning the Massachusetts 54th. The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment saw extensive federal service in the Union Army during the Civil War, being one of the first official black units in the United States military. The regiment was authorized in March, 1863, by the governor of Massachusetts, John A. Andrew, and was commanded by Colonel Robert Shaw. In 1989 a movie was made on this regiment, titled "Glory", starring Matthew Broderick.
The report is headed: "Reception Of The Toussaint Guards" (note: Toussaint Louverture was a leader of the Haitian Revolution. Born in Saint-Domingue, Toussaint led enslaved blacks in a long struggle for independence over French colonizers, abolished slavery, and secured "native" control over the colony, Haiti.) with the text beginning: "The Toussaint Guards (Company C, 54th regiment,) arrived at home in this city on Saturday evening...A large crowd had assembled at the North depot before the train arrived...The crowd on Market Square was immense..." and a bit further on it is noted: "...the colored man had shown himself able and ready to fight for his rights, they should not be denied him...They had simply shown that they were made of the same stuff as other freemen were made of...so many of them had returned safely, though some had been buried in the honorable funeral pile of their lamented colonel at Fort Wagner..." with much more (see).
A great report on the fine celebration given to the returning members of the Massachusetts 54th regiment of "Negro" soldiers.
This issue has several other articles of interest as well, including: "Statue of Mr. Lincoln" "Jeff Davis, An Audacious Memorial for His Pardon" "John Brown's Widow" "The Closing Scenes of The War--The True Story of the Capture of Jeff. Davis" which includes a subhead: "Davis In Woman's Clothes" with more (see photos).
Complete in four pages, very nice condition.

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