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Much on Abraham Lincoln... Jefferson Davis is elected President of the Confederacy...

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February 15, 1861

THE NEW YORK HERALD, February 15, 1861

* Abraham Lincoln journeys to Washington for the inaugural

The front page of this famous national newspaper reports the ominous events which would lead to the outbreak of the Civil War in less than two months as well as reports on the incoming administration of Abraham Lincoln, with first column headlines including:

"Important From Washington"
"The Report of the Conspiracy Committee"
"No Evidence Found of a Design to Attack the Capital"
"Mr. Lincoln's Inaugural And the Crisis"
"The Squabbles of the Republicans for Place & Power"

and more.

Among the subheads on the front page include:
"Mr. Lincoln's Inaugural Address" "The Struggle For Power Under the Lincoln Regime" "Movements of the President of the Southern Confederacy"  and more.

The front page also has near the top: "The Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln" "The Armed Occupation of the Federal Capital by Federal Troops to Secure the Peaceful Inauguration of the President Elect" and many subheads (see photos). Very small wear hole affects 3 words in this report (see).

Also on the front page is: "Confederate States of America" which begins: "Hon. Jefferson Davis of Mississippi was unanimously elected President of the Confederate States of America, and the Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia, was unanimously elected Vice President..." with more (see photos).

Great content is found on page 5 as well, with one column heads:
"The Progress of The President Elect" "The Presidential Party En Route--How They Amused Themselves--Mr. Lincoln's Speeches" with subheads including: "the Departure from Columbus" "Arrival At Steubenville" "The Reception at Allegany City" "The Reception of Mr. Lincoln in New York" "Arrangements For Mr. Lincoln's Reception at Albany" "New York Committee Appointed to Meet Mr. Lincoln" and "The Chicago Platform"
This is an excellent account of President-elect Abraham Lincoln's journey to Washington, D.C. to be inaugurated as the 16th President a few weeks later.

A very significant & historic event particularly given the parallel to Barack Obama's election and inauguration, in a genuine newspaper from 1861.

This is the complete 8 page newspaper but has some wear along the spine but no text loss here, otherwise in fine condition.

Category: Pre-Civil War

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