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CONFEDERATE Jefferson Davis & Fort Donelson Capture CIVIL WAR 1862 Old Newspaper

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Feb. 27, 1862 * Fall of Fort Donelson, Tennessee * Jefferson Davis proclamation * From the capital of the Confederacy A very nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederate States of America. The front page is entirely taken up with advertisements and notices. The inside pages are rich in war-related reports including: "The Fall of Fort Donelson" "The Tennessee Panic" "The Northern Congress" "Re-Organization of the Cabinet" "Substitutes in the Army" "The New Army--The Pike" "The Confederate Congress" "The War Upon Whiskey" "Legislature of Virginia" "Telegraphic News" and more. Also a very nice & patriotic editorial, a few bits including: "...that the war must endure for years... See More  

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1ST DAY OF THANKSGIVING President George Washington Proclamation 1789 Magazine

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, October, 1789 * President George Washington * 1st Day of Thanksgiving proclamation The issue begins with a continuation of the "History of the American War" which takes 8 pages & continues in a future issue. Other articles include: "Memoirs of the Bastille" "A short Description of the country between North River and Morristown, near New Windsor, New Jersey" lacking the noted plate. Near the back is the "Chronicle" with the latest news reports including much on the French Revolution. News from the "United States" includes a letter from the "Western Territory" from the "Rapids of the Ohio" which begins: "Our affairs in this quarter bear...a very gloomy aspect. The Indians are da... See More  

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CONFEDERATE Jefferson Davis Day of Thanksgiving PROCL. Civil War 1865 Newspaper

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: CHRISTIAN OBSERVER, Richmond, Virginia, Feb. 2, 1865 * Jefferson David proclamation * Confederate Day of Thanksgiving Has mostly religious-related content on the ftpg. save for a war item: "First Virginia Artillery" "Stray Leaves from a Soldier's Artillery". On the reverse under "General Intelligence" are various news reports from the war. Also has: "Prison Life At Elmira, N.Y." being a Confederate soldier's account about his experience in a "Yankee military prison". And fittingly enough (relative to the title) there is also a "Proclamation By The President" scheduling a day of "Humiliation and Prayer, with Thanksgiving", signed in type: Jefferson Davis. Presumably complete as a single sheet which is what most Confe... See More  

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ABRAHAM LINCOLN Victory Proclamation & Fall of Atlanta 1864 Civil War Newspaper

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: THE VERMONT CHRONICLE, Windsor, Sept. 10, 1864 * Abraham Lincoln proclamation * Fall of Atlanta - Georgia Page 4 begins with a Proclamation of: "Thanksgiving For Victories" at Fort Powell, Mobile, Fort Gaines & Fort Morgan, signed in type: A. Lincoln. Also inside: "Colored Men & the President" "The Surrender of Fort Morgan" "Capture of Atlanta" "John Morgan Killed" & much more. Eight pages, rejoined at the spine, clear tape mends across several pages, otherwise good.

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Great AFRICA Geographer Thomas Jefferys 18th Century MAP 1748 British Magazine

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Offered is an original, historic, & collectible old newspaper: THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1748 Certainly the prime content in this issue is the very nice foldout map of "AFRICA", which shows considerable detail of the entire continent, at least as much as was known over 250 years ago. Included also is the Saudi Arabia peninsula, portions of present-day Iraq and Iran, as well as the very southern tips of Italy (including Sicily), Greece, and Spain. Madagascar & other islands in the area are shown as well. This map folds out to measure 11 by 10 inches & is in good condition. Interesting articles in this issue include: "Invention of Writing Music by Playing It" with two small illustrations; "Articles For a General Peace" "Introduction to Heraldry" with related plate; "A... See More  

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ABRAHAM LINCOLN Day of Thanksgiving Proc. & Jeff. Davis Civil War 1864 Newspaper

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Shown is an original & historic old newspaper, offered to enhance your collectible interest: THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 23, 1864 * Abraham Lincoln Thanksgiving Proclamation The ftpg. begins with: "Death of Samuel Medary" with an additional six ftpg. articles with similar headlines. He was the editor of this newspaper and a former governor of Ohio. Other items include: "The Result of the Presidential Election" with the votes per state; "Official Orders by the President-- The Resignation of Gen. McClellan Accepted..." "Peace on the Basis of the Extermination of Slavery" "Lincoln Congratulated--He Speaks". "Message of President Davis" takes over a full page and is signed in type: Jefferson Davis; "Proclamation of Thanksgiving" is signed in type: Abraham Lincoln. This intere... See More  

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