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DANIEL SICKLES Philip Barton Key Assassination TRIAL (3) 1859 NYC Old Newspaper

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Shown is an original & historic old newspaper, offered to enhance your collectible interest: THE NEW YORK HERALD, a trio of issues dated March 4, April 9 & 13, 1859 * Daniel Sickles trial * Philip Barton Key murder The first use of a plea of temporary insanity by a criminal defendant made the Daniel Sickles case noteworthy in American legal history. Daniel Sickles' murder of Philip Barton Key was the kind of crime that piqued the interest of many, captivating the nation's press. Not even the most high-browed Victorian could ignore a killing that occurred in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon on the sidewalk surrounding Lafayette Park, literally so near the White House it could have been witnessed from its front windows. The accused, Dan Sickles, was a prominent and well-c... See More  

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